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Learn the 4 Cs of the jewelry business.

WHY? To stay in business!

HOW? Post them in the back room. Here they are, courtesy of Lucien “Bud” Fluty of Absolute Brilliance, Inc:

The 4 Cs ... of a Jewelry Store Owner

1. Customer – Everything you do affects the customer. Keep them at the forefront of every task. Without the customer there is no business, no company and you have no job!

2. Co-worker – Like a sports team, we can’t win unless everyone is at their position, on time and giving 100 percent. Help each other so the jobs get done and time is not wasted (chatting, surfing the net, etc.).

3. Career – Treat every day as if the store is your life career. For some that may be the case while for others it maybe a stepping stone to another industry. But always remember ... your next dream job can and probably will be determined by your current performance. Give it your all today, so you can get more tomorrow!

4. Company – You are the STORE! Our reputation is what you project – your dress, your attitude, your concern for making the store a more productive and profitable company. If you do the first 3 Cs ... you’ll keep the Company strong!

SOURCE: Courtesy of Lucien "Bud" Fluty of Absolute Brilliance, Inc.


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