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Published in the June 2012 issue

Facebook is a powerful, inexpensive way to engage customers, but it takes the right mindset to use it properly. “You shouldn’t be posting constant messaging about ‘Come in and look at this new ring,’” says Ellen Fruchtman of Fruchtman Marketing. A fun promotion is an interesting way to get attention, but it shouldn’t just be about increasing your “likes.” You want to tend to your “organically grown” fans — the ones who like you just because — too. “It’s not the number of fans, but the quality of them,” she says. Here are some promotions customers have really gotten into.


Diamonds Rock, Cincinnati, OH
The “Perfect Pair” promotion was a huge success for Diamonds Rock. Couples submitted photos and stories explaining why they were so perfect for each other, which the store posted on Facebook. Fans voted to determine the winner. “We went from about 500 likes to almost 2,300 in a week,” says Jessica Lane, who handled the promotion (and they only lost a few dozen when the contest ended).



Yelton Fine Jewelers, Cincinnati, OH
“we were getting tons of snow, and it was killing business. So I thought, ‘How can I get people involved at home?’” says Tina Yelton of winter 2010-2011. On the spur of the moment, working with Fruchtman Marketing, she threw up a Facebook post promising a $25 gift card to whichever fan built and “Yeltonized” the most creative snowman. The entries made ample use of Yelton bling; one had a snowman on his knee proposing to a snowlady.



Jewelry by Design, Woodbridge, VA
Rushed home from last minute shopping for this!!! hope it’s sooon!” reads a comment on JBD’s Facebook wall. It’s among many prompted by the store’s “12 Days of Christmas” promotion. On day one, they posted a picture of one piece of jewelry. On day two, there are two pieces in the pic, and so on. The jewelry is numbered, and the first person to post the number of a piece in a comment wins that item. It’s super simple, but because each day’s picture could go up at any time — even in the middle of the night — it keeps people checking the page all day.


Bergstrom Jewelers, Minneapolis, MN
Fruchtman marketing handles all of Bergstrom’s social media promotions, including Funday Monday — free giveaways every Monday for customers who mention they’re Facebook fans. The gifts aren’t extravagant — a watch battery, a jar of jewelry cleaner — but they work, says co-owner Bob Zagaros. “Absolutely, we have people come in,” he says. 



Samuel Gordon Jewelers, Oklahoma City, OK
Dan Gordon makes ample use of social media to promote his store. For this winter contest, he used an app called Wildfire, which issued a unique URL to everyone who signed up. The entrants in turn sent out their URL and were entered again each time a new person used it to sign up. The Facebook and Twitter promotion got the store about 1,000 new fans and 1,300 e-mail addresses.


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