Want better staff? Ask better hiring questions.

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Hire better salespeople by asking better questions.

WHY? You want to ask questions that indicate how passionate prospective employees are about selling.

HOW? Here are a few sample questions from Jeffrey Gitomer: 1.) Why do you want to succeed at sales? 2.) Where does your sales passion come from? 3.) What is the last sales book you read? 4.) Tell me about the biggest sale you ever made; 5.) What was the biggest reason you got it? 6.) What do you say when a prospect says, ‘I’m satisfied with my present jeweler?' 7.) What do you say when a prospect says, ‘Your price is too high?' 8.) What was the last seminar you attended? 9.) How do you improve your presentation skills?; and 10.) Give me your 30-second personal commercial.

SOURCE: Jeffrey Gitomer

    Get more great sales advice from Jeffrey Gitomer, one of this year's "Monsters of Sales", at The SMART Jewelry Show.  
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