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What are your favorite fashion jewelry material to work with?
I’ve always enjoyed designing with mother of pearl. It’s unforgettable, watching the Balinese carvers create something incredible out of a smooth piece of shell, using nothing more than dental tools. Working with a sustainable material feels good to me, and our customer appreciates the value of wearing an intricate, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

What’s trending now in fashion jewelry?
I see texture and finish becoming one of the most important aspects of the upcoming season’s jewelry trends. Artisanal accents, like tassels, carvings and filigree will lend an ethereal aspect to the story. Organic and natural stone cuts, such as polki and drusies, bring a luxurious touch of the handmade. Handcarved wood and horn will communicate an exotic feel to this season’s trends.



What is your favorite fashion jewelry material to work with?
I use organic vegetable ivory — tagua nut — as the focal material to symbolize and present creation — birth, nurturing and the womb —as an element of our world that is just as precious and valuable as fine jewelry. Vegetable ivory has fascinated me since inception. Its beautiful array of earthy white tones and its natural mokume-like grains and textures expose the process of creation and individualism. Its hardness and workability are still surprising me to this day.

What is trending now in fashion jewelry?
The two top trends that continue their upward popularity are sustainable jewelry and personalization. I decided to focus on both in my designs. There is nothing more personal than a gift that means something. In my collection’s case, appreciating the preciousness of birth and creation is a strong, personal, and sentimental gift and treasure. The fact that it is sustainable only adds to its value and trendiness.

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