HEADLINES: LEGAL Judge rules that the transaction with David Ortiz was “done in bad faith.”

HEADLINES: RETAILERS A strong dollar is partially to blame.


Five hot fine jewelry collections to watch at next week’s jewelry shows.

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HEADLINES: AWARDS New “Influencer of the Year” award created.

INSTORE: COLUMNS Colored diamonds offer value, beauty and excitement.


HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES Pop star may have used the 10-carat, cushion-cut diamond to send a message.


Don’t miss one of the best — and definitely the cutest — social media efforts of the year.

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HEADLINES: SALES Revenue jumps 7 percent for the luxury group.

INDESIGN.JEWELRY: DESIGNERS Each piece features a defeated man underneath.

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS Blue diamond beats previous mark by more than $9 million.
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HEADLINES: DIAMONDS Precious metals supplier Nordt follows Gemvara as latest acquisition.


Designer Robin Renzi shares her inspirations and her career’s milestone moments

HEADLINES: PROMOTIONS Cupcakes, storewide sales and a raffle drawing make for successful celebration.