HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES Worth as much as $10 million, the jewelry is a gift from Kanye.

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS Group also visits Forevermark cutting and polishing factory.

NEWS: ASSOCIATIONS Replacement sought for outgoing Cecilia Gardner
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INSTORE: DAVID GELLER That handy camera offers an unbeatable marketing opportunity.

INSTORE: SHERRY SMITH Getting the technical aspects right is only half the battle.

OPINION: RETAIL Bridal customers are looking for stability, says Mark Light.


HEADLINES: GEMS A buyer is sought to keep the jewelry in the U.K.

COLUMN: EILEEN MCCLELLAND An estimated 100 in the jewelry industry were affected.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITY Forevermark wedding band is a fifth anniversary gift.

NEWS: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS Gatherings let independent jewelers evaluate company's software offerings.
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NEWS: TRADE SHOWS Event is response to growing demand for entry-level, moderate pricing.

OPINION: DIAMONDS She moved from “disgust and fury” to “excitement and determination” to sell them.

HEADLINES: DESIGNERS Celebs like Brie Larson approve of her metaphysical approach.