HEADLINES: CRIME “They made me feel good about myself,” says infamous armed robber.

HEADLINES: RETAILERS Luxury jeweler targeting the deep-pocketed.

COLUMN: EILEEN MCCLELLAND Cultural, technological changes have altered the way all consumers shop.
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HEADLINES: WATCHES Tech giant’s share of the smartwatch market takes a major hit.

INSTORE: AMERICA’S COOLEST STORES She lives upstairs and takes an elevator down to work.


DeBoulle Diamond and Jewelry and Thomas Mann Gallery honored as country’s most innovative jewelers for 2016.


HEADLINES: BRAINSTORMS There are already reports of businesses seeing higher foot traffic and sales.

HEADLINES: LEGAL Neighboring jewelers say they’ve heard rumors of swapping for years.

HEADLINES: TECHNOLOGY Thanks to discreet design, the jewelry still looks like jewelry.

HEADLINES: LEGAL Not this delivery guy’s finest hour.
SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by Jewelers Mutual In an time when criminals can do their casing online, it’s critical that you step back and assess the digital landscape for the sake of your business’ security.

COLUMN: DAVID BROWN Declining margins should prompt a thorough review of your data.

HEADLINES: WATCHES Luxury brand exploring lower price points.