Seriously, what were these people thinking?

INSTORE: THE BIG SURVEY It’s at odds with overall workforce trends.

HEADLINES: CRIME He’ll also be on probation.
SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by Jewelers Mutual The overall number of reported crimes against jewelers has declined. But one type of crime remains a major concern for retail jewelers.
INSTORE: THE JEWELER But it also kind of makes you feel better.

COLUMN: DAVID BROWN August shows fourth straight month of contraction.

HEADLINES: CRIME They backed through the front window.


It depends partly on where you live.

INSTORE: REAL DEAL She had just set personal sales goals for her staff.

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS The line is a hit in his store.

HEADLINES: AWARDS The academy stresses leadership, entrepreneurship and African studies.

INSTORE: THE BIG SURVEY Readers identify the biggest thieves of staff time.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES It has a total weight of nearly 6 carats.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS Annual growth of 3.1 percent is expected.