HEADLINES: DIAMONDS They're from a place you wouldn't expect.

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS The store was in the national spotlight last year.


These tips will help you get ready.

SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by Jewelers Mutual The overall number of reported crimes against jewelers has declined. But one type of crime remains a major concern for retail jewelers.
HEADLINES: BUSINESS Richline's CEO want to "bring Silpada back to its creative roots."

COLUMN: DAVID GELLER Understand what you can — and should — do.

COLUMN: DAVID BLITT I know what people will say, but hear me out.


COLUMN: SHANE DECKER Turn lookers into buyers.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS It's worth more than $170 million.

COLUMN: DAVID GELLER Please understand: Time is money.

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS At its peak the business had 100 employees.

COLUMN: HOWARD COHEN Can any gem rival the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond?

HEADLINES: BUSINESS He has the "right entrepreneurial mindset."