HEADLINES: BUSINESS It's targeting three cities, with more to be announced.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS One piece is on display in New York.

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS This business has a long history of charity work.
SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by Jewelers Mutual The overall number of reported crimes against jewelers has declined. But one type of crime remains a major concern for retail jewelers.
INSTORE: BEST OF THE BEST You can jump into the Black Friday fray.

COLUMN: SHANE DECKER The real investment value is this.

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS They're from a place you wouldn't expect.

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS The store was in the national spotlight last year.



These tips will help you get ready.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS Richline's CEO want to "bring Silpada back to its creative roots."

COLUMN: DAVID GELLER Understand what you can — and should — do.

COLUMN: DAVID BLITT I know what people will say, but hear me out.

COLUMN: SHANE DECKER Turn lookers into buyers.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS It's worth more than $170 million.