HEADLINES: ASSOCIATIONS She was “the ideal candidate.”

HEADLINES: BUSINESS The brand is popular with celebrities.


Dapper dudes have more options than ever.

SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by Diamond Banc Adapting to the needs of a 21st-Century jewelry marketplace, Diamond Banc offers retailers a turnkey financial services system created by jewelers for jewelers.
COLUMN: DAVID GELLER Train your staff to be the experts.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS They can backtrack on promises … but should they?

HEADLINES: CRIME Three people have been charged.



Some jewelers might say so!

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS It follows an initial $10 million investment.

COLUMN: HOWARD COHEN This technology transforms nuclear waste.

COLUMN: LEONARD ZELL He knows how to “play you like a violin.”

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS It’s just in time for the holidays.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES “We don't think a girl could go wrong with any of these.”

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS The broadcaster says they’ve “come into their own.”

INSTORE: THE REAL DEAL The manager told her not to say this, but she did anyway.