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Jewelers of America Announces Nominees for Inaugural GEM Award for Watch Design

(Press Release) Jewelers of America has announced the GEM Award nominees in the category of Watch Design. Watch Design is the newest category and the third of four GEM Award Categories that will comprise the 2016 GEM Awards. The winners will be announced live during the GEM Awards ceremony on Friday, January 8, 2016, at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.

The nominees for the GEM Award for Watch Design are:

Cartier - Since 1847, the Maison Cartier has been synonymous with beauty, excellence, creativity and a unique savoir-faire. From its jewelry tradition, the Maison has blossomed into the inventor of an iconic and universal style while constantly pioneering new ground. The Cartier style goes beyond time with a unique aim: for today’s creations to become tomorrow’s treasures. The Maison’s creations in jewelry, watches and precious objects honor milestones in a person’s life.

Piaget – Piaget has stood as an icon of excellence and creativity since its founding in 1874, elevating the manufacture of timepieces and High Jewelry to an absolute art. Piaget is known for its extravagant and creative High Jewelry designs, ultra-thin movements and artistic dials, as well as high complications. Piaget is one of the only remaining watchmakers that designs and crafts its own cases, bracelets and movements.

Roger Dubuis – Roger Dubuis is the modern interpretation of Haute-Horlogerie: combining high-end complications and a unique design approach. Founded in 1995, their state-of-the-art production facilities in Geneva, Switzerland, ensure the brand enjoys complete freedom to innovate. Manufacturing only 4,500 timepieces annually, Roger Dubuis is one of the most exclusive Maison in the world of fine watchmaking. Among their landmark movements are the brand’s iconic Excalibur Double Tourbillon Skeleton.

The recipient of GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement will be announced soon.

Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are now available at

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Jewelers Security Alliance Issues Chip-Card Alert

(Press Release) Beginning in October 2015 the rules of liability for fraudulent credit card transactions will change and jewelers need to be aware of possible new chargeback risks.

Credit cards with small metallic square computer chips, so-called EMV technology, are being issued by the financial institutions. The purpose is to make credit cards harder to counterfeit than the current cards with magnetic strips on the back. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, 70% of credit cards will support EMV. These cards currently being issued will be able to utilize either the EMV chip or the magnetic strip on the back.

Previously, for in-store transactions, if the retailer swiped a card, followed proper procedures, and got an authorization, the retailer would ordinarily not have a chargeback, even if the card or transaction was fraudulent. The liability fell on the payment processor or issuing bank. Under the new rules adopted by the major credit card companies, if a customer presents a card with an EMV chip, and the retailer does not use a new card reader compatible with EMV chip technology, the liability for a fraudulent transaction will fall on the retailer. If the retailer uses an EMV card reader, the liability in fraudulent credit card transactions will still fall on the payment processor or issuing bank, not on the retailer.

The average cost of a new card reader to accept EMV transactions is reported to be approximately $500-$1,000. JSA advises all jewelers to obtain the new card readers if they have not already done so.

By no means is this a silver bullet to stop credit card fraud, which is a major problem for jewelers. Even with the EMV technology, credit card transactions by telephone or through internet orders will continue to present the same risks as at present. The liability for fraudulent transactions when the card is not present in the store will continue to fall on the merchant. It is predicted that criminals will now make even greater use of fraudulent telephone and internet orders.

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IDEX Online Polished Price Changes – October 2, 2015

by Danielle Max

(Press Release) Once again, there were many price drops in round diamonds. Goods between 0.3-0.9 carats saw the most changes, with the majority of declines taking place in the medium to better clarities. Diamonds 5 carats and above were more positive, with price increases of up to 4 percent in certain categories.  

There were relatively fewer price changes in fancy-cut diamonds this week. Smaller goods saw more price drops, although they were generally few in number. Compared to round diamonds, the overall picture of fancy goods is more stable.

Following are some of the main changes in this week's IDEX Online Diamond Price Report.

To receive a free copy of the full IDEX Online Diamond Price Report, contact


  • 0.18-0.22 cts D / VVS1+ down 2-2.5% and D / SI1-I1 and E-F / SI2 up 3-6%
  • 0.23-0.29 cts a few changes including D / VVS1 and E / IF down 2%
  • 0.30-0.39 cts many changes including  F-J / SI1-2 down 2-3%
  • 0.40-0.44 cts a number of changes including D-K / VVS1+ down 2-4%
  • 0.45-0.49 cts many downward changes including E / SI1+ down 2-4%
  • 0.50-0.69 cts many changes including G-L / VVS2+ down 2-4%
  • 0.70-0.79 cts negative changes including G / VS1-SI2 down 2-3%
  • 0.80-0.89 cts a number of negative changes including E-G / SI2 down 1-3%
  • 0.90-0.99 cts E / IF down 3%           
  • 1.00-1.24 cts no change
  • 1.25-1.49 cts D / IF down 3% and H-I / I1 down 2-3%
  • 1.50-1.99 cts L / VVS1-2 and SI1-2 up 2-4%
  • 2 cts I / VVS1-2 up 2-3%, L-N / I1 up 3-4% and M / VS2 and SI3 down 2-3.5%
  • 3 cts D / SI3-I3 down 2-4%
  • 4 cts no change
  • 5 cts positive changes including F-H / VVS2 up 1% and L-N / I2 up 4%

Fancy Cuts

  • 0.18-0.22 cts D / VVS1 down 3%
  • 0.23-0.29 D / SI1-2 and E / VS1-SI1 down 3-4%
  • 0.30-0.39 cts D / VS2 down 2%, I / SI2 down 4% and E / I1 up 4%
  • 0.40-0.44 cts G / VVS2 down 2%
  • 0.45-0.49 cts D / I1-2 up 3-4%
  • 0.50-0.69 cts many positive changes including J-N / VVS2+ up 2-5%
  • 0.70-0.79 cts G-H / VS2 up 1-2%
  • 0.80-0.89 cts changes including G-I / VS2 up 1-3%
  • 0.90-0.99 cts positive E / VVS2 and SI2 up 2-3% and I / VS1-2 up 2%
  • 1.00-1.24 cts H / VVS2 up 3% and J / VVS1 up 4%
  • 1.25-1.49 cts H / VVS2 up 3% and K / VVS1+ up 2%
  • 1.50-1.99 cts K / VS2 and L / VVS1 up 2%
  • 2 cts no change
  • 3 cts a few negative changes including M-N / I1 down 4-5%
  • 4 cts a few changes including D / IF down 2% and K / VS2 up 4%
  • 5 cts no change
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Apex Diamonds Joins GemFind’s Social Product Network JewelCloud

(Press Release) Newport Beach, CA — GemFind, a leading technology provider to the jewelry industry, is excited to welcome Apex Diamonds, the newest diamond vendor to join the industry’s fast-growing social product network, JewelCloud.

Now, Apex Diamonds can better reach their retailers with their most current diamond inventory and pricing. In turn, retailers can provide the best selection to customers on their retail website and the DiamondLink Facebook application.

Apex Diamonds’ quality diamonds join products from hundreds of the most trusted diamond and jewelry vendors in the industry. GemFind is proud to feature Apex Diamonds in JewelCloud with their large selection of loose diamonds ranging from 0.01 carat to 10+ carats and GIA, AGS, and EGL certified diamonds.

JewelCloud is part of an innovative lineup of tools including Diamond Link, Ring Builder, Stud Builder, Pendant Builde and Retail Locator.

Visit for more information on JewelCloud and for more information about Apex Diamonds.

About GemFind: For more than 15 years, GemFind has successfully united the jewelry industry as the leading comprehensive technology solution provider in the digital marketing age. From complete e-commerce and custom-designed websites to POS integration, digital marketing and responsive online marketing tools, GemFind offers complete solutions for jewelry manufacturers, diamond dealers, designers, and retailers.

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Hublot Opens Second Building in Six Years

(Press Release) In order to keep pace with increasing demand and maintain the vertical growth of its production, Hublot inaugurated its second building today, just 6 years after opening its plant in 2009.

This doubles the surface area of the production centre in Nyon, Switzerland.

On 29 September,Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and President of the LVMH Group's Watch Division, and Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, inaugurated Hublot's second large manufacturing building.

Three hundred guests from around the world including ambassadors, VIP guests, friends of the brand and journalists were there for the event. At their sides were Bar Refaeli, Lapo Elkann and Pelé, all ambassadors for Hublot, who made the trip to celebrate this milestone in the brand's history. They took part in the show to hand over the keys from the existing building to the new building.

The ceremony kicked off with Pelé, followed by a "goal" by Michel Pont creating an enormous Big Bang. This was accompanied by the spectacular arrival of Bar Refaeli going between buildings H1 and H2 via a Formula 1 style walkway, as found on Grand Prix tracks around the world, which offers direct access between the two buildings.

This event launches a campaign in Hublot's 73 stores around the world to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic Big Bang collection.

This extension is highly symbolic for the brand - it bears witness to its expansion and its success: 8,000 square meters of surface where Hublot will install 100 workstations over the next 5 years. This will give the company a workforce of over 400 people in Switzerland. The project represents an investment of 20 million Swiss francs for the company.

This new unit, which sits alongside the first building, is mainly dedicated to producing components and producing watch cases.

The micro-mechanics workshops, all the CNC machines, the decoration, electroplating, general mechanical and cleaning workshops, to name but a few, were installed with the after-sales service and part of the administrative department in the new premises in August.

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