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GIA Introduces Diamond Focus Report

(Press Release) GIA is now offering the GIA Diamond Focus Report, a new, low-cost digital report for natural, D-to-Z color, round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing between 0.15 and 0.29 carats.

The information included in the Diamond Focus Report – carat weight; color, clarity and cut grades; polish and symmetry grade with a fluorescence description – comes from the same standards and processes used for all other GIA report services. Laser inscription of the GIA report number is also included.

The results provided in a Diamond Focus Report are available through GIA’s online Report Check; GIA does not issue a printed report with this service.

“Recent innovations and developments in technology allow us to offer this reduced-fee service for smaller diamonds,” said Tom Moses, executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer for GIA. “The Diamond Focus Report will help address consumer and industry demand for rigorous and independent examination of smaller diamonds.

The report service is $20 USD for diamonds between 0.15 and 0.22 carats and $22 USD for diamonds between 0.23 and 0.29 carats. GIA’s laboratories in Bangkok, Carlsbad, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York and Tokyo offer the service beginning today. Other locations will offer the report in the near future.

Servicing for the Diamond Focus Report will be done through My Laboratory or web services. Those interested in a My GIA Laboratory account or our web services can contact a client service representative for assistance. For more details, click here.

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Men's Jewelry Brand Triton Joins GemFind's Social Product Network JewelCloud

(Press Release) GemFind has added men’s jewelry brand Triton to the industry’s fastest growing social product network, JewelCloud.

Triton’s innovative products join more than 100,000 products from hundreds of the most trusted vendors in the industry. GemFind is proud to feature Triton, a recognized brand that fuses artistry, innovative engineering and contemporary metals to make bold statements.

​JewelCloud is part of an innovative lineup of tools including Diamond Link, Ring Builder, Stud Builder, Pendant Builder and Retail Locator.

Visit for more information on JewelCloud and for more information about Triton.

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Stuller Launches Corporate Blog on

(Press Release) Stuller launched the company’s first corporate blog, Stuller Blog earlier this year.

Located at, you’ll find:

  • Technical tips – Everything from bench skills to advice on running a business
  • How-To videos – Taking you step-by-step through a variety of useful techniques
  • Lookbook – Stunning displays of latest product releases and most popular styles, perfect for sharing on social media
  • Design trends and inspiration – Hot-off-the-runway advice on the latest jewelry fashions and articles that remind you why you do what you do
  • Contributors – Short bios on industry experts and the people who design, create, market, and sell the products and services you’ve come to rely on.

“This blog is designed to be a boost when you need it and a break when you can take it,” says Jennifer Bullock, Stuller’s Director of Content.

“We post regularly, so customers can visit several times a week. They can even subscribe to our e-newsletter that will deliver the blog’s most popular stories right to their inbox.”

In addition to the new blog, Stuller has revamped its free community for bench jewelers, The newly renovated website features more dynamic content, updated photography, new tips and techniques, how-to videos, active forums, and much more.

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American Academy of Hospitality Sciences Names Bettejean Ahee Recipient of International Five Star Diamond Award

(Press Release) Bettejean Ahee, matriarch of the Grosse Pointe Woods landmark Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers, will receive the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences International Star Diamond Award on Augist 4 for her work beside her husband in creating the venerable jewelry business and the family that still runs it.

The award recognizes excellence in service, performance, attitude and hospitality on a global level. Mrs. Ahee is one of very few women ever to win the prestigious “Families Monarch” recognition.

“Bettejean Ahee perfectly exemplifies everything we want to reflect in our Five Star Diamond recognition,” says Joseph Cinque, President of The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences which presents the award. “She was an active partner with her husband, Edmund, since the very beginning in 1947 while at the same time raising seven children, all of whom have become participants in the business themselves. It’s an incredible success story.” Seventeen Ahee family members are actively engaged in the business today.

“My mother’s stamp is on this business just as much as my Dad’s” says Peter Ahee, President. “While she was raising the family, he would consult her on everything that was happening in the business. That’s what we talked about every night at the dinner table, how to make the business better.

“She helped Dad in creating our company’s long-time guiding principle, ‘Always give the customers more than they expect,’ and she instilled that idea in each of us as kids. I think she’d still put us over her knee if she ever thought we were forgetting it!”

Ahee’s prides itself in creating “special moments” for special occasions in its customers’ lives. One very early “special moment” was when Bettejean allowed her then young husband to sell her engagement ring to help pay the bills.

Mrs. Ahee considers the company’s long-time success and her close involvement in it a privilege. “It’s a privilege to work with someone you love every day and to be part of so many special moments in so many people’s lives,” she says. “When you see your customers’ smiles, it really does make all the hard work feel worthwhile.”
The Ahee family now includes 21 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren and besides showering them all with love, Mrs. Ahee continues to instill her core values in each of them: Appreciate the importance of old fashioned hard work, treat everyone like family, and never take privilege for granted.

In 2013 Ahee Jewelers became the first and only retailer ever to receive the coveted Five Star Diamond Award. The company was named Michigan Retailer of the Year in 2001 and “America’s Best Jeweler” by The Wall Street Journal the only three years the Journal offered the recognition.

National Jeweler magazine also recognized Ahee’s as America’s Best Jeweler in 2007. Topping off these awards, In-Store magazine named Ahee’s “America’s Coolest Store” earlier this year. Meanwhile Chris and Pam Ahee, two the Ahee’s seven children, have each won a variety of national and international jewelry design awards.

Ahee’s also has been a strong long-time supporter of not-for-profit organizations including St. John’s Hospital, Beaumont Hospital, Detroit Public Schools and a variety of churches in the area.

The company is probably best known for its support of Detroit’s Capuchin Soup Kitchen, especially the annual Capuchin Souper Summer Soup Kitchen and Celebration at Comerica Park which has raised over $6 million to date.

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The American Gem Society Recognizes Industry Leaders at the Circle of Distinction Dinner

(Press Release) The historic New York City Plaza Hotel provided the perfect setting for the jewelry industry’s most prestigious night on July 28, 2015: The American Gem Society’s Circle of Distinction Dinner.

The event celebrated three well-known and highly respected industry professionals: John Green, of Lux, Bond & Green, received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, while Georgie Gleim, of Gleim the Jeweler, and Yancy Weinrich, of the JCK Events, received the AGS Triple Zero Awards.

“The Circle of Distinction is a celebration of excellence in our industry," said Ruth Batson, CEO of the American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories. "This very special event is an opportunity for our industry leaders to come together to observe the outstanding contributions of the exceptional individuals being honored."

While accepting their awards, John Green, Georgie Gleim, and Yancy Weinrich shared inspiring words filled with memories of their upbringing in the jewelry industry, their accomplishments, and heartfelt accounts of gratitude.

“Getting my start at AGS, where I was able to learn from the best, most professional, passionate jewelers in the country, was a great way to launch my career!” stated Ms. Weinrich.

President of the AGS Board of Directors, Louis Smith, in introducing Georgie Gleim for the AGS Triple Zero, remarked that a week before the event, he had called Ms. Gleim and asked her a hard question. “I asked her, of all her accomplishments and years in the jewelry industry, what stood out the most. She told me it was coming to her first conclave when her Dad came in as AGS President in 1973 in New Orleans. She met and made friendships with people that have lasted to this day.”

Ms. Gleim, in her speech, expanded on her comment to Mr. Smith when she said this about the industry: “It’s far more than making a living. It’s making a community.”

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Green stated, “The American Gem Society, giving me this honor, is a beautiful dream. And as you say in Las Vegas: AGS ROCKS!”

For more information regarding the American Gem Society, please call 866.805.6500, or visit

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