Paco Underhill Will Be Keynote Speaker at SMART Show Chicago

When you spend 20 years watching people shop, you learn a thing or two about what makes a retail environment successful. 

Best-selling author Paco Underhill and his team did just that, and the resulting book, “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping,” is a fascinating (and sometimes surprising) look at how companies design in-store experiences to make consumers want to buy more goods, more often. 

If a client list is any indication of Underhill's ability to improve a company's bottom line, Paco clearly knows his stuff. Through his behavioral research firm Envirosell, he helps household names like Microsoft, McDonald's, adidas and Estee Lauder optimize their commercial environments. 

He's also a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times — and he'll be speaking live at The SMART Show in April.

Paco's bringing his energy and passion to our opening keynote session on Saturday, April 18, at 8:30 a.m. His talk — as entertaining as it will be informative — will give you concrete ideas for creating a physical environment and store personality that fit the needs of your market. It's part art, part science, but get it right and your business will soar. 


"Paco has been a huge source of inspiration for INSTORE fans for years," says Cindy Chandler, associate show director. "We're excited to give our audience the chance to learn some valuable ideas directly from the man himself. For jewelers interested in learning new ways to increase their bottom line, this is one event that can't be missed."


Learn more about Paco at, and register for the SMART Show <a href="/" target="_blank">here</a>.

Artisanally Mined Gold Coming to U.S. Market

Miners, jewelers and a US refiner join together to support Fairmined certification standards as a consortium of US jewelers working directly with artisanal mining communities in Peru to bring traceable, responsible, artisanally mined gold into the US Market.

Rosa Reyes, President of AURELSA, Fairmined certified gold mine in Peru, leads her 86 member cooperative to put 100% traceable, artisanally mined gold into the skilled hands of a broad-base of pioneering US jewelers for the first time ever. These pioneering jewelers, organized by non-profit organization, Ethical Metalsmiths (EM), are using this premium gold to actively re-write the story of jewelry.

"The goal for responsible sourcing isn’t just to offer materials that lessen the negative impact of our industry, but instead to create alternatives that can provide a positive impact in the communities and environments where these resources are extracted. Fairmined gold is a material with a story we want to share."

Ethical Metalsmiths is working with Hoover and Strong, a leading US precious metals refiner known for its 100% certified recycled metals, to create a 100% traceable pathway from Relave, Peru to individual jewelers around the US, and ultimately into the hands of US consumers.

With the support of Hoover & Strong and the committed list of artisan jewelers, certified mining communities like AURELSA will be able to improve their lives significantly due to the generation of more wealth and improved working conditions.

The twenty-three jewelers participating in this first purchase include: Kara | Daniel Jewelry, Bario-Neal, Sharón Chandally Pedrini, East Forth Street, Erin S. Daily, Jennifer Dewey Jewelry Designs, Devta Doolan, VK Designs, Susan Drews Watkins, Judy Geib Plus Alpha, J.K Haiman Designs, Rx Rox, Edward Lay, Jan Mandel, Merzatta Design, Rosanne Pugliese, Amy Schilling, Taber Studios, Martin Taber Designs, Irene Weinz, Brilliant Earth, Allison Ullmer and McTeigue and McLelland

Atlanta Show Torch Awards Announces Call for Entries

All Georgia jewelry associations are invited to participate in the third annual Torch Awards Design Competition at the Atlanta Jewelry Show, March 2-4. Winners will receive a Torch Award trophy, a cash prize, a personalized press release and be featured in "Southern Jewelry News" and "Mid-America Jewelry News" as well as on the Atlanta Jewelry Show website. Entries must be received by February 22, 2013.More information at

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