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When it comes down to it, great ideas aren't all that special. Ever known someone with tons of good ideas ... who, despite their brilliance, really isn't that successful? I'm gonna guess you do.

Write on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 Published in Brainstorms

Almost a year ago today, I wrote a post on the seasonal phenomenon of "New Year's Resolution De-resolution" -- the process in which, over the first few weeks of the year, your grand plans for the year collapse and your confidence and energy gradually fall to level of, say, a sea cucumber.

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Confidence is a great thing to have in your work. A full, brimming sense that you know your stuff, that you know when to run and when to stop, that you can experiment without embarrassing yourself, and that the repercussions of risk are rarely as dramatic as you imagined. This confidence is a wonderful thing and I hope you have it.