HEADLINES: GEMS He kept the $100 million gem as a good luck charm.

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS Company awaited environmental approvals related to tiger habitats.


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about wedding jewelry sales.

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HEADLINES: GOLD Jewelers adjust, and refiners see more volume.

NEWS: ASSOCIATIONS Among benefits for members of organization's Designer Collaborative.

HEADLINES: DESIGNERS The turquoise choker had a starring role.


HEADLINES: TRENDS Smaller-scale variations include the hand chain.

HEADLINES: DESIGNERS Something to fall back on if college doesn't work out.

NEWS: ASSOCIATIONS 2017 event to be last before hotel's three-year renovation project

HEADLINES: CRIME Smashing of display case reportedly sounded like gunfire.
SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by Jewelers Mutual In an time when criminals can do their casing online, it’s critical that you step back and assess the digital landscape for the sake of your business’ security.
HEADLINES: FUN In case you wondered, they're not solid gold.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS Developer vows to respect the area's history.

COLUMN: ANDREA HILL It can take many months or years for your social media efforts to generate awareness.