HEADLINES: DESIGNERS The turquoise choker had a starring role.

HEADLINES: TRENDS Smaller-scale variations include the hand chain.

HEADLINES: DESIGNERS Something to fall back on if college doesn't work out.
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NEWS: ASSOCIATIONS 2017 event to be last before hotel's three-year renovation project

HEADLINES: CRIME Smashing of display case reportedly sounded like gunfire.

HEADLINES: FUN In case you wondered, they're not solid gold.


HEADLINES: ENGAGEMENT RINGS Pinterest is a goldmine for wedding planning.

BLOG: DAVID GELLER Why doesn’t anybody write thank-you notes anymore?

NEWS: ASSOCIATIONS Dinner benefits the group's Education, Library & Museum Trust

HEADLINES: CELEBRITY They say they donated proceeds from the sale donated to gun control, pro-immigration groups.
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A little encouragement never hurts.

HEADLINES: RETAIL An insight with every piece.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITY The $480,000 court judgement for Tyga's landlord was emboldening.