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Learn the secret to a knock-her-socks-off thank you note.

WHY? First, prepare for a “duh” moment: A study published in the JOURNAL OF MARKETING last year found that expressing thanks was a powerful tool in building trust between the customer and your business.

HOW? A great thank you note should include the following, expressed in a brief, chatty way in your own handwriting:

1. Gratitude for shopping at your store/for referring a customer, and the hope the customer will return.
2. A mention of the fun you had serving the client.
3. Admiration for the customer’s choice of product.
4. And the killer touch, a personal postscript, such as: “PS. Saw your daughter Sally in the school play on Friday night. Thought she was a fabulous daffodil.”

If you can pull that off, you’ve just earned a lifetime’s loyalty.



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