Manager’s To-Do List: March 2012


Published in the March 2012 issue

Week 1 FeB. 27-MAR. 3

EXISTING CUSTOMERS List all the people who referred customers over the past three months and thank them with flowers. If it was a big sale, a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS Get creative with gift cards: Create your own store cash, or invest in higher production qualities. Keep an eye on your return on investment.

BUYING Start planning your opento-buy for the second half of 2012. The SMART Jewelry Show will be held in Chicago April 21-23 and JCK Las Vegas June 1-4.

Week 2 MAR. 5-10

STAFF It’s time for your twiceyearly employee reviews. Trainer Kate Peterson urges you to set up a professional development plan for each staff member — and for yourself. “Ask what they feel they need to learn, then challenge them to come up with a plan to get it done,” she says.

STORE This is a good time to repaint the store, says Ruth Mellergaard of design firm GRID/3. Vibrant colors like honeysuckle are hot this year. Such bold colors are great as accent walls, she says. Low VOC paints let you paint in the evening and return the next day to few fumes.

Week 3 MAR. 12-17

MAINTENANCE Schedule a technician to come in to do a tune-up of your A/C. Yes it’s still cool outside but now’s the time to do a maintenance — it will save you money come summer.

INVENTORY Finalize Mother’s Day (May 13) jewelry orders. Start researching potential hot sellers for Father’s Day (June 17).

Week 4 MAR. 19-24
CLEANING David Geller urges you to start your spring cleaning with your findings. Buy some plastic containers with drawers. “We had a tray that held only every-size jump rings, another with every-size lobster claws, etc. If not organized, it won’t be used,” he says.

TRAINING Study April’s birthstone, diamond, and the best ways to work price and value perceptions. Begin planning a diamond event for April.

OPERATIONS Need a small project? Standardize the way telephone calls are answered and  handled.

Week 5 MAR. 26-31
STORE Remove all the displays and floorboards in one case each week, says display expert Larry Johnson. Then clean the glass and floorboards, repair lights, vacuum and wipe out the case.

MARKETING Experiment with some paid Facebook advertising. Start with a $20 budget and see what happens.

BRANDING Add a line at the bottom of all store correspondence that says: “Shop and support local companies ... by shopping locally you save on emissions and help the local economy.”

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