The deBoulle Salon

6821 Preston Road, Dallas TX 75205, (214) 522-2400

Karen and Dennis Boulle have created a store richly endowed with grandeur. And in such a setting it would be hard work not to! The store is housed in a faux French villa, complete with curved staircase, Roman-style pillars, and plenty of filigree metalwork. Despite the grandiose aspect of the salon, customers find the store, with its fireplace, comfortable couches and dark wooden furniture, a surprisingly homey place to shop for jewelry.

The panel were in agreement on one thing — DeBoulle is classy. Karen Karch teases, “Scarlet O’Hara would be right at home on the spiral staircase,” Bob Olmstead describes DeBoulle as “an elegant upscale experience,” and Gwen Carrington praises “a beautiful classic design that maintains the brand image in a consistent, flowing manner.” Anne Sowden, meanwhile, felt DeBoulle might have too much going for it:“I would probably spend more time looking at the building than the jewelry!"

Copycat Tips
  • Combines grandeur with comfort
Watch out for
  • Don’t rely on the setting to sell the product

This story is from the August 2002 edition of INSTORE


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