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DESIGN "HELP WANTED" ADS to attract customers, not just new employees.
Because you should view every type of business activity as a chance to engage people and seed your story.
Put your Web address everywhere; on all of your advertising, your business cards, your fax sheets, your invoices and your letterhead. Put it in your "help wanted" ads, your press releases and anything you put in print anywhere. Offer to link with your customers and your vendors. Links bring increased traffic and place you higher in the search engine ratings.
SOURCE: Simon Skorman

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SMOOTH SELLERS EXTRA Today's "Smooth Seller" (from INSTORE, June 2007) is Patty Frey, who says: "My secret weapon for selling is my charming personality. It's rated sparkling/quirky, like an unusual but really great champagne. Think Mad Dog and Cristal." If you need some inspiration to sell your best today, read Patty's story.

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