When a "Life Lift" falls off the tracks, a change of scenery is the absolute best way to get it back on.

A substantial number of you will be experiencing a change of scenery next week when the industry heads to Las Vegas for the jewelry shows.

If you've found that your resolutions are starting to fade, and 2011 is starting to come down with a case of the "same ole, same ole", I suggest you set aside a block of two or three hours one day to sit at your hotel's pool.

Do it by yourself. Or do it with key members of your team. Or set aside an extra block of time and do both.

If you're doing a solo pool trip, think about where you may have gone wrong, or lost energy, or failed to build a desired habit. Determine why. And then forgive yourself. (Hey, it happens. Changing your life is hard work.)

Finally, ask yourself if the goal you started off with is still a worthy one. If it is, then recommit to it.

By the end, you should feel your adrenalin surge and a rush of determination. That's the "moment" you're looking for.

(Even if you're not going to Vegas, the halfway point of the year is a great time to get away in search of your own "moment". There's still a lot of 2011 left.)


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