If you read our "Life Lift" story back in January, and have been working at ... and sometimes failing at ... implementing the life-changing ideas contained inside, one quick way to re-energize your "Lift" is to read some Tony Schwartz.

Over the past year, in our daily "INSPIRE ME" updates, we've regularly highlighted Tony's motivational blog posts from his executive training and development company website (theenergyproject.com). If you've read these, you're becoming more and more familiar with Tony's key ideas on nurturing and building mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Here are a few keys:

• Perform positive actions on a strict schedule to create "rituals" that become unthinking habits
• To perform best, connect your work to your higher purpose in life
• If you're not evolving, you're devolving
• Multi-tasking never makes you more productive than working on one task at a time
• For maximum productivity, work in focused bursts (with zero distractions) of 90 minutes each
• Get seven or eight hours of sleep a night
• Most workplace problems come from people feeling devalued by others

Anyway, if you've got a few extra minutes today, go to the video page of Tony's website to watch the speech called "Wisdom 2.0 Conference". In just over 20 minutes, he'll outline his entire program in a succinct way that will re-inspire "Life Lifters" and may convince newcomers to his ideas.


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