09 Aug These Engagement Rings Tell a Story

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Macy’s has begun to carry a line of engagement rings that will make independent retailers stand up and take notice.

My Diamond Story diamond engagement rings have a unique value proposition that comes almost entirely from their packaging.

First, the box, which you may have seen before on its own, contains an LCD screen, speaker and USB port. That’s right: the groom can put his own video proposal — or whatever he likes — right in the box.

The ring box nestles into a larger gift box, which contains a drawer that holds the diamond’s Gemological Science International Laboratory certificate.

More interesting, though, it contains the “My Diamond Story Birth Certificate,” which is a booklet that tells the story of the ring and diamond nearly from mine to market. The first page gives a unique diamond number, weight and a place to write the bride and groom’s name and location. Next is a photo of the rough diamond and its uncut weight, country of origin and its final shape superimposed on the rough stone. Turn the page, and it shows a diamond being cut, polished and inspected. Along with it, handwritten in, is the name, date and location of the person who cut and polished the diamond. Turn the page again, and it reveals the name and location of the ring designer and it shows the diamond being set into the ring, along with a date and location.

The final page contains blanks for the bride and groom’s names and the date and location of the wedding.

This is a pretty incredible way to present the complete back story of the diamond and ring to the happy couple — in a way they can keep forever. Have a look at www.mydiamondstory.com for the complete package. I saw it in person in Las Vegas, and it’s pretty impressive. The representative I spoke with said My Diamond Story will start to be available to independents beginning this fall.

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