600 votes were cast in an open-ended question.

In our recent Big Survey, yellow gold was the most predicted trend, with custom design and colored gemstones (especially as a type of engagement ring) close behind. Diamonds were also a top prediction in these varieties: rough cut, antique cuts and “big.” “Large silver pieces” were also a popular prediction.

  1. Yellow gold (35 votes)
  2. Custom design (28)
  3. Colored gemstones (26)
  4. Diamonds (23)
  5. Lab-grown diamonds (19)
  6. Fashion jewelry (13)
  7. Silver jewelry (11)
  8. Smart jewelry (9)
  9. Bracelets (7)
  10. Necklaces (6)

Approximately 600 votes were cast in an open-ended question; these were the top 10 responses.

Look out for all the results of the 2017 Big Survey in the upcoming October edition of INSTORE.

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