You need to take notice of the extreme power of 34 cents. This is what every jeweler should be doing. We did it in our store and Renie and I do this now at Jewelerprofit.

Last weekend, I went to Relax the Back store and bought a special cushion for my rear end — or, should I say, lack thereof. Spent $175, well worth it. But I just received a hand-written thank-you note from the salesman. I think this is the first time I've gotten a hand-written thank-you note in 18 months.

It stands out. You should do it, and yes, even on watch batteries.

When I had my store, we mailed pre-printed postcards for sales under $250. Items/repairs/custom work sold for over $250 got a hand-written thank-you note in a nice envelope. Yes, real stamps.

You'll be the talk of your customers and friends. I mean, who gets a thank-you note nowadays?

Don't tell me you send text messages or emails instead. Only 25% of emails are opened, if that.

Folks, you need to realize that millennials do have mailboxes and open mail.

So today's lesson is to send thank-you notes. It will increase business. All for only 34 cents.

A hand-written note on a postcard to David Geller from Relax the Back.

The front of the postcard.

David Geller is a consultant to jewelers on store management. Email him at

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