This exhibit runs Dec. 16 through March 19.

Four of "nature’s rarest colorful diamond masterpieces" go on display at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County starting Dec. 16.

The show, called Diamonds: Rare Brilliance, runs Dec. 16 through March 19. It is free with a general admission ticket.

According to Robb Report, this is “said to be the most expensive collection the museum has ever exhibited.”

L.J. West, which is based in New York, is the owner of the diamonds.

Here are the diamonds:

The Juliet Pink

Size: 30.03 carats

Color Grade: Fancy Intense Pink

Type: Type IIa - No nitrogen impurities

The museum explains that this stone is the “star of this showcase,” and adds: “The Juliet Pink with its magnitude of size, intense color grade, and lack of inclusions, makes it an important discovery giving Gemologists an opportunity to study such a diamond.” 

The Rainbow Necklace

Size: Diamonds range in size from 0.4 to 0.8 carats

Various colored diamonds including: Blue-grey (extremely rare), green-yellow, orange-pink, purple-pink, brown-orange.

The museum explains: “Comprised of a variety of very rare diamonds, the Rainbow Necklace differs from the Juliet Pink in that these diamonds contain nitrogen, hydrogen or nickel impurities allowing them to exhibit fluorescence.”

The Argyle Violet

Size: 2.83 carats

Color Grade: Fancy Deep Grayish Bluish Violet

Type: Type IaB - Hydrogen and nitrogen rich diamond

This gem is “among the rarest diamonds ever found,” according to the museum. It was “unearthed from the Argyle diamond mine polished from an extraordinary 9.17 carat rough diamond.”

The Victorian Orchid

Size: 1.64 carats

Color Grade: Fancy Vivid Purple

Type: Type SI2 - Slight inclusions

According to the museum: “This Fancy Vivid Purple diamond is a different color grade than the violet or pink diamonds, but the origin of purple may be more closely related to the high stress and crystal twinning origin for pink colors.”

Read more from the Natural History Museum and Robb Report.

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