She wants to dispel diamond-buying myths.

Debbie Azar, co-founder of Gemological Science International, was recently interviewed as part of a large media tour to educate consumers, dispel diamond-buying myths and talk about the good that diamonds do.

Azar’s interviews have already aired on over 140 television stations across the country as well as on several radio stations. The interviews reached more than 3 million viewers throughout the U.S., with many interviews extending beyond their allotted time.

Azar’s goal was to educate consumers and dispel misconceptions of buying diamonds, especially during the holidays, a peak diamond buying season. 

During the interviews, Azar stressed: “It’s crucial to use a professional gemological lab for certification, even if the jeweler is absolutely trustworthy. A well-respected and reputable lab like GSI has advanced technology and the degree of expertise necessary to issue a legitimate grading report.”

In her interviews, Azar also stressed the rarity of natural diamonds and the good that natural diamonds do for poorer countries where many mines are located. 

"A number of countries in Africa rely solely on the jobs provided by the natural diamond industry for their existence," she said. "Botswana, Namibia and other African countries rely on diamond mining and related industries not only for job creation, but as a source of financing infrastructure projects, building schools, hospitals, providing health and educational services for the populations and laying a foundation for other industries."

The interviews are expected to air throughout December leading up to Christmas.

Founded in 2005, Gemological Science International is an independent gemological organization serving major manufacturers, jewelry chains, independent retailers, department stores and online jewelers.


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