Think stars, clouds and other wonders of above.

For Martha Seely, the universe — especially stars, clouds and other wonders of above — is an important artistic influence. It’s one reason she especially likes creating jewelry with gemstones in colors often seen in nature. I’ve noticed that, for the upcoming season, the Concord, MA, designer seems smitten with green gems.

“Usually I don’t follow trends because my goal is to make designs to last,” she recently told me. But, as it happens, with Greenery being the Pantone 2017 Color of the Year, she conceded, “For my newest collection, the whole green stone element fell into place.”

That, it did. She’s featuring a lot of peridot, tsavorite and chrome diopside, along with a black opal with strong natural blue/green mixes.

What can we expect from Martha in the future? “Demantoid garnet,” she says. “It’s still green, but with more yellow overtones than these others I’ve been using. I adore the flashes of light it reflects. So unusual and beautiful.”

Martha Seely “Nebula” open spiral pendant, created to stylistically resemble earth in the middle of a universe, with swirls of clouds and stars surrounding it; in 14K gold with black opal and diamonds 
Martha Seely “Nebula” galaxy post earrings with tsavorite
Martha Seely “Shooting Stars Antares Star” Y-necklace in 14K gold, with peridot, tsavorite garnets, and diamonds

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