The Jewelers Helping Jewelers Facebook group is an unaffiliated group of 900-plus active jewelers using their Facebook page as a platform on which to share knowledge, trade stories and ask questions of a jeweler-specific nature. As the group’s description says: “No rules!!! No cost! No conclaves. Just jewelers helping each other.” It’s a private group, but any jeweler is welcome to join. Find it by entering “Jewelers Helping Jewelers” into your Facebook search bar. Anyone can view the closed group’s Facebook page, but you’ll need to join the group to access discussions. facebook.com

This article originally appeared in the October 2016 edition of INSTORE.


With Edge Retail Academy 's A La Carte Business Solutions Program for retail jewelers, clients can choose focus areas from the 30 offerings on a specially tailored jewelry business topics menu. This approach allows clients to receive expert instruction in specialized business areas that wouldn’t necessarily apply to other clients. edgeretailacademy.com


Lumineux Uno is touted as a new super-luxury metal. The developer, Unolux Metallo Valenza, is hopeful that Lumineux Uno will prove attractive to millennials. The metal combines gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Leading Jewelers of the World will distribute the metal in the U.S. ljotw.com.


The GIA has released its logo for use by retailers. It includes the GIA seal and the accompanying message, “Diamonds Graded by GIA” or “Gems with Reports by GIA,” allowing retailers to show their customers that they carry GIA-graded stones. Also launching is a free, four-module training course for retail employees on key GIA-related topics, including the four Cs, the history of the GIA, the basics of GIA lab reports and ways to incorporate GIA retailer tools into the day-to-day of retail business. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (760) 603-4566


White Pine Trading has launched a listing service for GIA-graded diamonds, which offers the opportunity for smalltime sellers to have their GIA-graded inventory offered for sale alongside White Pine’s own GIA-graded stones whitepinediamonds.com


LovePendants, the engraved gemstone division of Color Story, has launched an affiliate program for retail partners. The program allows participating retailers to offer access to LovePendants’ custom design portal through their own websites. LovePendants takes care of production and shipping, and then the retail partner whose website provided the entry point receives a share of the proceeds. lovependants.com


It’s a New Age for the Jewelry Shopping Experience

There’s a new way for you and your customers to view custom designs before they’re created: Introducing the Holojem™ platform from Jewelers Mutual Group. This immersive new augmented reality platform turns ideas into viewable jewelry simply and effectively. There’s simply nothing else like it on the market today. Learn more about bringing your creativity to life with innovative technology. Learn More ➡

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