Three people were arrested.

Robbers took a bag containing close to $500,000 in jewelry from a courier in SeaTac, WA.

The crime occurred Monday evening at a Sleep Inn motel, KIRO-TV reports.

Three men wearing masks assaulted the courier, police said. They also slashed a tire on his automobile.

Later the same evening, police arrested three suspects at a gas station in the city of Chehalis, accordin to KIRO.

The Jewelers' Security Alliance reported in November that there had been a spike the prior month in robberies of traveling salespersons and retail jewelers carrying merchandise off-premises.

One of those crimes had, in fact, happened in SeaTac when diamonds worth about $400,000 were taken from couriers during a highway robbery. The thieves in that robbery were reported to have “boxed in a diamond couriers’ car on an Interstate 5 onramp, held the driver at gunpoint” and taken a backpack containing the jewels.

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