If someone other than onPeak contacts you about hotel bookings, please do not provide your personal information, especially your credit card number. If you provide your credit card information to one of these companies, your credit card may be charged immediately for the whole amount — and it may not be refundable.
We're excited to announce that our very own doyenne of diamonds, enchanter of emeralds, and genius of all things gems — Cindy Chandler — is one of four nominees for the Women Jewelers Association's 2015 Awards for Excellence in the "Special Services" category.
After four battles between jewelry-design masters, INSTORE’s Bench Pressure Challenge crowned three artists winners at this year’s SMART Jewelry Show in Chicago.
In his Saturday keynote address to attendees of The SMART Show, best-selling author Paco Underhill listed five factors influencing how retail will have to evolve in the immediate future. Click below for a point-by-point summary of his talk!

2015 Exhibitors