Experience Zones

The SMART Jewelry Show has five areas located on the show floor where concise, intimate and interactive educational sessions take place each day. These areas hold between 50 and 70 people and run at different times throughout the day to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to both shop and learn. We call these five areas “Experience Zones.” Here's a brief overview of what each has to offer:

The Business of Bridal -- NEW!

This experience encompasses all things bridal. Selling, websites that engage bridal customers, trends and merchandising tips.

SMART Buyers Experience

Increase your buying IQ and find out what trends and price-points are selling and how to buy into them intelligently. Experts in fashion trends and merchandising will help you confidently buy the items that will keep you store fresh, relevant and profitable.

Cool Stores Experience

Formatted like a talk show, present and past INSTORE Cool Store winners will share with you their secrets of success. Discussion include topics on their trials and tribulations of building or refurbishing their stores, their marketing and promotions secrets and more, much more. You are not hearing this from an expert speaker but from your peers who live and breath the same challenges you face everyday. Sponsored by Diamond Council of America

Marketing and Sales Experience

Covers the path to a sale and the various touch points along the way. It also includes discussions on consultative selling to various age groups and explores the various customer motivations to purchase. Age isn’t everything!