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2020, You Owe Us Big — And More Of Your Letters From November

Readers share thoughts on what’s happening.




Big Thoughts on the Big Survey

  • I always enjoy this story and think it is insightful. It’s fun to see what the different parts of the country are doing and what is popular in different regions. — Robin Lies, Burnells Creative Gold, Wichita, KS
  • Big Survey was really good — tons of great information in there. Kudos! — Tom R. Nelson, Nelson Jewelry, Spencer, IA

Digital Domination

  • Digital communication has become normal for clients, bypassing phone calls and store visits. So new hire interviews have an increased focus on communication and keyboard skills. It’s become a requirement! — Debbie Fox, Fox Fine Jewelry, Ventura, CA

COVID Concerns

  • I think the fear right now is the unknown of what is going to happen. Will we be shut down again, will customers shop in our stores for Christmas, how much inventory do we need? Juggling business with employees who have kids home virtual learning and how to handle their issues. — Beth Guntzviller, Miner’s North Jewelers, Traverse City, MI

Brain Squad Balm

  • My husband and I worked our town’s polls for the election, and when I finally got to the office on Wednesday, I didn’t see the INSTORE email for the survey. I was afraid I accidently deleted it in my exhaustion. I was sad about it for a couple days, then here it was today! Showed me how much I look forward to this each month. — Jo Goralski, The Jewelry Mechanic, Oconomowoc, WI

You Owe Us, 2020

  • My hope is we end this year on a high note with strong holiday sales. We deserve it after what 2020 has put us through. — Marc Majors, Sam L. Majors, Midland, TX

Mask Matters

  • Security with masks now a regular thing — what are people doing to keep their store safe? (We were robbed by a man wearing a mask and a baseball hat and could not get an ID.) — Anne Marie Marker, Rolland’s Jewelers, Libertyville, IL

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