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3 Tips to Boost Positive Reviews and Referrals

Get the most from your greatest marketing asset: your customers.




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(PRESS RELEASE) Client reviews and referrals are increasingly valuable as independent jewelers strive to compete with both large internet retailers and local brick-and-mortar shops. As customers return to your store, or shop your website, don’t miss a single opportunity to capture their positive word-of-mouth and use it to reach new audiences.

People trust reviews and referrals from previous customers more than the best marketing campaign you could create. In the age of ecommerce and social media, shoppers seek unbiased opinions from others who have experienced your service and product firsthand. This is called social proof, and it’s the holy grail of marketing.

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Here are three ways to encourage more reviews and referrals from happy customers, and then leverage them to drive more sales.

Drive More Sales with Social Proof

Aside from the powerful influence of word-of-mouth praise, online reviews can actually strengthen your SEO efforts and boost your local search ranking. This is one of the number one ways to bring new customers to your store or website. Use these three techniques to maximize your reviews:

1. Wow customers at every touchpoint.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the better your in-store and online customer experience, the more likely clients will be to tell their friends and leave enthusiastic reviews. So how do you deliver an experience that outshines the rest? With an engaging, educational sales presentation that empowers shoppers to buy with confidence. The GN Diamond Platform enables you to give interactive presentations that clearly demonstrate the quality, rarity, and true value of each diamond.


2. Don’t miss a single review opportunity.

Most people who leave reviews were directly asked or prompted to do so after completing a purchase. Salespeople should make it a standard request as they close each sale, but it shouldn’t end there. List all the review sites where your store has a profile on your sales slips, website, social media, email signature, and even in-store signage. If you don’t already have accounts for Yelp, Google My Business, Wedding Wire, Facebook, and elsewhere, set them up today.

Capture Reviews Before They Leave the Store

Many well-meaning customers will forget to leave a review once they return to their busy lives. Increase the chances of snagging that positive review by keeping a tablet open in-store where customers can conveniently leave feedback. For online shoppers, you can show a thank you page or pop-up after the checkout page asking for a quick review. You can also send a follow-up email explaining just how much their review means to you.

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