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54% of Surveyed Jewelry Retailers Saw Sales Growth in May

Both earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds sold well.




54% of Surveyed Jewelry Retailers Saw Sales Growth in May

Allison-Kaufman bridal … the “perfect diamond band” line is amazing!!! It truly fits almost any engagement ring challenge you could have. — Sherrie Schilling-Devaney, Sherrie’s Jewelry Box, Tigard, OR

Top-selling jewelry brands in May

Allison-Kaufman (2), Ania Haie (2), Breitling (2), Classic of New York (2), Gabriel & Co. (2), Hearts on Fire (2), Stuller (2)

*Brands mentioned by at least two of 116 respondents.

  • Gabriel & Co. fashion charm necklaces. Customers love the meaning and creativity behind the collection. — Christina Baribault-Ortiz, Baribault Jewelers, Glastonbury, CT
  • Gold … at this price, some mid-century pieces went to Garfield Refining at a very tidy profit. — James Doggett, Doggett Jewelry, Kingston, NH
  • Bridal and diamonds, nice to see quality natural diamonds led the way in May. — Mark & Monika Clodius, Clodius & Co. Jewelers, Rockford, IL
  • Bridal led the way, followed closely by diamond fashion, then gemstone jewelry next, followed by gold jewelry (no stones). Simon G. and Zeghani sales led the way, with Simon G. being stronger than usual due to an in-store event. Custom was strong. Did well with Ostbye, Royal Chain, Quality Gold and Imperial Pearl. — Barb Binkley, Cooper & Binkley Jewelers, Brighton, MI
  • Nothing much changes. In store, I sold mostly rings, online mostly bracelets. My bracelets do well online because I offer them in 5 sizes, from 6.5-inch extra small to 8.5-inch extra large. Lots of women with other-than-average wrists can get something pretty, unique, and affordable, made just for them! — Janne Etz, Contemporary Concepts, Cocoa, FL
  • For us, as always, it is diamonds. After all of these years, we have started selling lab-grown loose diamonds. It is going very well. — Jim Carroll, Rogers Jewelry, Modesto, CA
  • Natural diamond studs in the $3,000 price range for Mother’s Day gifts. Italian horns in 14K yellow gold are impossible to keep in stock — and most are being sold with a rope chain. Are the ‘80s back? — Shari Altman, B & E Jewelers & Gemologists, Southampton, PA
  • Custom and repairs were half of our totals for the month. The surprise items were the amount of jewelry with color, earrings, pendants, rings. Love it! — Holly McHone, Holly McHone Jewelers, Astoria, OR
  • Repair services were up and pearl items seemed to be more in demand. — Edwin Menk, E.L. Menk Jewelers, Brainerd, MN
  • Gabriel & Co., Hearts on Fire, Fana, CrownRing. — Jon Walp, Long Jewelers, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Vintage jewelry is one of a kind, with better markups. It appeals to our quality and price-conscious clients in all age ranges. — Lee Krombholz, Krombholz Jewelers, Cincinnati, OH

Monthly SALES Survey

How Were Sales Last Month Compared to May 2023?

WAY UP 25% OR MORE: 21%
UP: 33%
SAME: 22%
DOWN: 21%

Total Brain Squad Responses: 148

  • Heera Moti, Vahan, Martin Flyer. — Gene, John and Krista Poole, Hudson-Poole Jewelers, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Watches like crazy: JLC, Rolex, and Breitling, but also Roberto Coin jewelry. — Steven B. Goldfarb, Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler, Bellevue, WA
  • Custom ribbon-style wedding rings with lab-grown diamonds, men’s bands in 14K yellow gold from Stuller, and a ton of restyling! — Beth Cevasco, Scott’s Custom Jewelers, Dublin, OH
  • Ania Haie, permanent jewelry, lab-grown diamonds, Pandora. — Laurie Langdon-Gerber, Elisa Ilana Jewelry, Omaha, NE
  • Appraisals were up in May. I have been creating jewelry portfolios for some of our guests. And, it has been bringing new guests into our store regularly. — Katrina Sustachek, Rasmussen Diamonds, Racine, WI

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