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7 Display Ideas to Add Contrast and Make Your Jewelry Pop

Jewelry store owner gives tips to jazz up your displays.




WHEN BRINGING IN new inventory, one of the biggest selling challenges owners face is showcase placement. Having bought it, now our prime directive is to sell it! I hope to present a few inspiring options to help you sell more jewelry.

Always consider the customer’s point of view. Coordinate the collection, then structure the grouping so the jewelry takes center stage, and voila! Five feet of perfection.

As a general rule, you need to highlight new pieces and provide a fresh outlook for some old friends. This can be accomplished by accenting the baseboards with new fabric and adding something interesting to capture the customer’s attention. It can also be as simple as changing the staging, the color groupings or the arrangement of those collections.

  • When introducing a prop, try choosing original artifacts related to the pieces or a seasonal event. Take pearls, for example: Incorporating genuine sponges are excellent for displaying a range of pieces. The natural texture won’t damage fine pearls and creates a lovely contrast to their worldly glow.
  • In men’s jewelry cases, consider the idea of industrial schemes: large nuts and bolts, tools, etc. Get creative with distinctive ties to cover baseboards or by rolling them for bracelet or watch pillows. A great Father’s Day look, but it can also add another dimension to a public facing display to catch the eye of a passerby!
  • With fine jewelry, up the intrigue by filling the bottom of showcases with coffee, candy, cocoa beans, aquarium rocks or thin marble tiles — great contrasting looks to highlight fine jewelry.
  • Use rice or rose petals in your wedding case, kissed with the popular colors of the season.
  • By incorporating the textured look of suede or animal leather in a display, attention is called to the contrasts, creating rich, bold vignettes.
  • Cover a neck or an element, then accent with a cool cord knot or busy industrial wire for some added drama.
  • Silk flowers or statues can add some whimsy, but take caution, they can be easily overdone or stale.

Tons of inspiration can be found by searching Pinterest or simply paying attention to national department stores who hire professionals to stylize their goods. Whatever elements or fabrics you choose, select something that starts a conversation so you and your staff can begin to ask closing questions and make those cash registers sing.

Most important, throw away your tattered or worn display elements. Customers notice fine details, so let those items chosen to display your brand empower excitement, interest, and desire in your clients.


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