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A 20-Year Advertiser Explains Why They’ve Supported INSTORE All These Years

Dick Abbott of The Edge has advertised since INSTORE’s inaugural issue in 2002.




IT IS ONLY by coincidence that INSTORE and The Edge are celebrating their 20th anniversaries in the same year. I launched The Edge in 2002 with the goal of offering independent jewelers a total retail solution to improve their store management. I embarked on this mission with one objective in mind: to do everything I could to make the independent jeweler more successful through our comprehensive software solution. That has continued to be The Edge’s mission to this day.

When I initially sought an advertising medium to communicate our message, I knew I wanted to work with a company that held the same standards and goals as mine. INSTORE Magazine was just launching, and after a few long conversations, I was confident that I had found the right partner to communicate The Edge’s message to the jewelry marketplace.

From its headline news and press releases, to the tips and how-to columns, to its feature stories, INSTORE has always put the needs and objectives of the independent jeweler front and center. Over the last two decades, as jewelry trends have come and gone and consumer shopping habits have drastically changed, it has continued to be an invaluable tool for retailers.


That has especially been illustrated through the industry challenges we’ve faced, from economic recessions to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Just as we created a series of educational webinars to help our users get the most out of The Edge in 2020, INSTORE did the same, reaching out to industry experts to craft informative articles and webinars. Both of our goals were to see retailers successfully through the crisis.

The Edge started advertising in INSTORE from its inaugural issue and has been with them in every issue since. For 20 uninterrupted years, INSTORE has been conveying our message to the independent jeweler. This has been a major contributing factor in our success. We are the industry leader in jewelry store management solutions, and The Edge has been installed in nearly 4,000 independent jewelry locations. Without INSTORE, we would not be as effective in carrying our message and mission to retailers across the country.

With that, I say a well-deserved congratulations to INSTORE on 20 years of providing inspiring, helpful, and valuable information to the industry and independent jewelers. I hope your next 20 years are just as successful.


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