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From protecting inventory to innovative new solutions, Jewelers Mutual Group has been forging trusted relationships over a shared passion for more than 100 years.

For Damon Gross, a lifelong love affair with jewelry began with a watch his parents gave him. “It was the first time I wore a watch, and I just fell in love with everything about it, from the mechanics of the watch to the way it looked and felt on my wrist to the way it made me feel when I wore it,” he recalls.

Damon Gross, CEO, Hyde Park Jewelers.

He began working at a friend’s jewelry store a few years later and made his way up through the industry to his current job as CEO of Hyde Park Jewelers, with stores in Colorado, Arizona and California. Asked what he loves most about the jewelry business, Gross says, “You don’t sell jewelry for anything other than happy occasions. People are happy when they come in and excited when they leave. That’s really what got me involved: the passion for the product and the passion for what we do for our clients.”

Jewelers Mutual Group understands and shares that passion, Gross adds. “Every single time I need to get them involved, they get involved,” he says. “They’re quick, they understand my business, I don’t have to explain a lot to them and the first thing they always want to know is how can they help.”

With four Hyde Park Jewelers nationwide, CEO Damon Gross is passionate about the products he sells, his clients and his insurer: Jewelers Mutual. Pictured Top to Bottom: Hyde Park Jewelers’ Newport Beach, Phoenix, Denver and the IWC Boutique inside Hyde Park Scottsdale.

Of course, Jewelers Mutual and their network of agents is ready at the times of a policyholder’s greatest need, such as the armed robbery Hyde Park suffered in 2015. “When they said, ‘How can we help you?’ and I said, ‘I need a check in two days,’ I had a check in two days,” Gross says. Beyond that, Gross has seen how Jewelers Mutual continually anticipates the industry’s everyday needs and finds ways to help retailers save money, secure product, serve customers and make a profit. “They really do take a holistic view of our company and our industry to see how they can help us do all those things.”

As another example, Gross cites the JM Care Plan™, “which really takes the word ‘no’ out of my vocabulary when I’m talking to customers. When we have situations like every jeweler has, when you sell something and a month later, the customer drops it and breaks a crystal or twists or tweaks the bracelet, that’s not covered under the manufacturer warranty, and the customer doesn’t understand that. But if we can sell them a JM Care Plan, there’s no more conversation when they come in except, ‘Yes, we can take care of that for you.’”

“Jewelers Mutual truly understands what we do in our store,” Gross adds. “They stand behind their word, they’ve been in business forever, and they have a spectacular reputation so I never have to worry about them.”

For more information on Jewelers Mutual’s offerings, including JM Care Plan™, contact a Jewelers Mutual Sales Manager by calling 800-336-5642, ext. 2118 or emailing [email protected]