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A Conversation with Sylvie Levine

A Conversation with Sylvie Levine

Collection: The Sylvie Collection, Dallas, TX

Q: Can you talk about being one of the only female-owned and operated luxury bridal designers in the US?

At the time when this brand was conceptualized, most bridal lines were male dominated and still are today. My husband and I had been in the diamond and jewelry industry for over 20 years, and it seemed the timing was perfect for me to focus on a bridal collection that was created by a woman, for a woman. Instinctually I began to design rings with the details and elements, the shape of stones, the styling, the fit and comfort level that would strike a responsive chord for brides-to-be. That niche has truly allowed me to express my passion for romance, diamonds, and femininity. The original concepts that stem from my sensibilities are always reflected in my designs.


Feminine. Custom. Quality.
$500 – $10,000 and higher
Diamonds and precious
Platinum, yellow, rose and white 14K and 18K gold.
Bridal and fashion jewelry
“Roial” Vintage Inspired
Engagement Ring

Q: What is the inspiration behind your designs?

I draw influences from almost everything around me: from my travels, emerging trends, to the unique requests that come across my desk every day. But as a perfectionist, the most powerful inspiration is the desire to please my customers. I listen and take in what they want and then translate that into the collection through my commitment to beauty of design and an uncompromising attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Q: Why do you think brides choose to customize their engagement rings with Sylvie?

I hold myself and my business to high standards, so I put as much effort and time into my designs as it takes to create and produce them. Designing a beautiful piece isn’t enough. Everything is about making the experience as seamless and easy as possible for both our retailers and the end consumer. We work very closely with the retailers and their clients who desire our customized rings. Every detail is taken into consideration and there are no limits to our modifications. We strive to meet every request and work on the intricacies that make the ring individual to the woman who will be wearing it. It’s all about trust and a level of confidence which we have earned over the years of creating bespoke and customized rings.

Q: What is on the horizon for the brand?

Right now, we are highly focused on our retail partner relationships and we are continuously seeking ways to enhance their experience through innovative digital platforms and consumer outreach. We are very excited about an upcoming interactive digital product we will be launching in the spring that is going to be a unique and exciting opportunity for our retail network!

A Conversation with Sylvie LevineA Conversation with Sylvie Levine
A Conversation with Sylvie LevineA Conversation with Sylvie Levine
1. “Roial” vintage inspired engagement ring with engraved milgrain and leaf-shaped borders with surrounding diamonds (0.12 TCW). MSRP: $1,225. “Roial” matching band: $1,015. | 2. “Maryam” oval-cut solitaire engagement ring holds a two-carat oval-cut diamond in a prong setting with prong-set melee diamonds (0.37 TCW). MSRP: $1,895. | 3. Vintage-inspired engagement ring surrounds a one-carat round center with diamond accents (0.24 TCW) and milgrain detailing. MSRP: $1,595. | 4. “Cheri” vintage-inspired oval engagement ring in features a 1.5 carat oval diamond set inside a pavé diamond halo placed atop an antique inspired, tapered shank with milgrain and diamond accents (0.73 TCW). MSRP: $3,380.
A Conversation with Sylvie Levine
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