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A Diamond for Every Customer
A Diamond for Every Customer

A Diamond For Every Customer

From affordable designs to showstoppers, lab-grown, and custom designs, Gems One has it all.

Are you tired of business being directed by third-party brands?

How efficient is your bridal merchandising in accommodating the needs of the full spectrum of retail consumers?

How do you fix a low ROI on bridal?

Does your bridal assortment streamline your store brand marketing message?

Are you feeling the pressure from competing with online retailers and majors?

The past two years have been very kind to jewelry retail but the marketplace continues to evolve and we have to keep up with it.

A Diamond for Every

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A Diamond for Every CustomerJune 8 – 13, 2022
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Consider just a few new developments you have to contend with. One of the largest majors in the country has now expanded a branded digital custom design in-store experience to 50 locations across 22 states. Two of the largest online retailers now have 34 brick-and-mortar locations combined. These are retail stores that are built on tight inventory assortments and heavily leverage a digital in-store experience that facilitates the sales of ready-made pieces from their website or helps to build a semi-custom piece of jewelry. They are taking customers on a journey through e-commerce and allowing them to connect through their in-store consultants to an unprecedented number of choices without a penny of additional inventory investment. The lines between conventional and digital are blending. This is now your competition.

In such a crowded and confusing marketplace who are you and what do you have to offer?

Gems One is here to help. They will bring you back to the basics and rebuild your custom and online business from the ground up using the classic good, better, the best concept with a modern digital twist. The company’s promise rings are good, their lab-grown & Tru Reflections collections are better, and their bridal and Passion8 collections are the best!

But wait, there’s more and it’s the best part: Gems One offers an interactive in-store digital platform that’s completely complementary to you and delivers immediate pricing on hundreds of bridal and band options. The platform is so incredibly unique that it comes with a full white label marketing campaign included so that you start building brand value in your store’s name!

Here are the major components of the total assortment:

A Diamond for Every Customer



Want new bridal customers? Then you have to offer a one-stop solution for every client. Are you engaging consumers at different price levels? The Promise Ring collection gives you both great prices all for under $1,000 retail and top quality. Be sure you have the entry-level promise rings to attract the customer at the door. Gems One has over 40 styles of promise rings to choose from in silver and 10K white, rose, and yellow gold.

A Diamond for Every Customer

Diamond Promise rings from Gems One starting at MSRP: $199

A Diamond for Every Customer


Gems One’s Tru Reflections collections have a special setting with a reflective plate that makes center stones appear 30% larger with styles starting at just $999 MSRP! Most of the designs in the Tru Reflections collection also have a universal matching band.

A Diamond for Every Customer

Tru Reflections diamond rings starting at MSRP: $999!

Lab-grown diamonds offer a new choice for consumers. Whether the consumer’s decision is driven by sustainability or budgetary concerns, lab-grown bridal jewelry is a growth category — not just in loose, but in finished complete bridal as well. Gems One has everything you need to grow this category in your store. By offering Gems One Alpha lab-grown, you’ll broaden your customer base, increase your margins and tell a unique story at the counter. As the lab-grown market matures, marketing support and differentiation will become vital to continued growth. Gems One has both pre-made marketing materials available for immediate use as well as the ability to create custom marketing for your brand. For more information about Gems One lab-grown diamond bridal jewelry, contact Slav Galkin by email: or phone: (917) 385-5641.

A Diamond for Every Customer

From Gems One’s Alpha Collection: Three Stone engagement rings in 14K white gold with 1.75 TCW lab-grown diamonds. Your choice – MSRP: $4,999 (styles arg10104, arg10107, arg10110)

A Diamond for Every Customer

To market lab-grown successfully, marketing is vital. Gems One offers a complete assortment of ready-to-use marketing materials so you can get up and running quickly.



This is the most important category in your store, but it can also be the most challenging. The key to being successful in bridal is creating clear lines of differentiation between your store, online, and competing for brick-and-mortar operations. Leveraging partnerships with sight holders Diarough, Mahendra Brothers, and jewelry manufacturers UNI Designs, Gems One can provide well-made, well-structured assortments that cover both classic and trending designs. Gems One’s in-house marketing team will help develop your own brand or provide pre-developed white label concepts for self-branding. Many retailers have experienced great success by creating house-branded collections that tell your story and build your store’s brand.

Bellissima Bridal is a traditional cut diamond bridal assortment available in various qualities, shapes, and weights. Each new design is top trending. Gems One includes tried-and-true top performers in this collection. Every customer has an ideal engagement ring in mind and Bellissima can deliver it!

Passion8 is Gems One’s patented diamond cut with 89 facets. This unique diamond architecture, designed specifically for included and slightly included quality diamonds, enhances the overall appearance of the diamond by at least one color and clarity. The collection includes loose diamonds or finished jewelry with every diamond 1.4mm or larger branded. Passion8 diamonds are available in round, cushion, pear, oval, and princess shapes. Launching at Luxury/JCK 2022, Passion8 will also be available with a certificate of origin from DeBeers for select stones. Brand it your way or our way by focusing not on what a diamond is, but on what a diamond does. For more information, contact Slav Galkin by email: or phone: (917) 385-5641.

A Diamond for Every Customer

From the Gems One Bellissima Collection.

A Diamond for Every Customer

From the Gems One Passion8 collection.



Gems One offers a complimentary in-store software program that can be store-branded — and offers complete marketing support. A custom interactive digital experience gives you the ability to obtain pricing for almost every engagement ring or band with natural, lab-grown, or Passion8 diamonds, and it’s ALL instantaneous! The custom platform module also offers the option to completely customize your guests’ design of choice. It’s a polished way to engage modern consumers and create market differentiation. You can also set your own markups. Gems One will guide you through the in-person process for your brick-and-mortar store. For more information, contact Slav Galkin by email: or phone: (917) 385-5641.

A Diamond for Every Customer

Take advantage of Gems One’s ability to customize and price almost any engagement ring.

A Diamond for Every Customer

A Diamond for Every Customer