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Over the Counter

Podcast: A Jeweler Learns the Internet’s Weaknesses, and His Own Strengths

By learning the customer’s backstory, he provided a service the Internet never could.




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IF TODAY’S JEWELER has an arch-nemesis, it has to be the Internet.

It’s an imposing opponent, a protean, seemingly omnipresent foe offering unparalleled convenience, massive selection, and hard (but not impossible) to beat prices.

In this month’s episode of Over the Counter, Kyle Bullock, who typically shares stories of other jewelers’ most memorable sales, tells the story of one of his own memorable recent sales. In this transaction, Kyle faces off against the Internet … and wins.

Trying to serve a long-time acquaintance, Kyle finds himself unable to match the far lower prices available online, even at a loss. The customer’s hesitancy to buy from him, despite their existing relationship, shakes Kyle … and even plants a seed of doubt about his own future in the jewelry business. But once he learns more about the customer’s backstory, Kyle is able to do something — and provide a service — that the Internet never could.

You’ll learn an important lesson in Kyle’s latest podcast, “How the Internet Almost Won”.

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