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A Tale of Two Retailers

There are many ways of doing business. But the White Pine way will get you branded and designer jewelry and watches at up to 60% off wholesale.

In a world of competing discounts, “dollars-off” selling and online competition, jewelers who buy from White Pine have discovered a remarkable way to keep inventory fresh and exciting while saving money at the same time. That’s because White Pine has become the go-to vendor for inventory closeouts, designer jewelry, classic brands, GIA-graded diamonds and luxury timepieces—all at prices up to 60% below wholesale.

New merchandise arrives at White Pine daily, so whether you buy from their e-blasts, see the company at any one of the national trade shows, or work with a knowledgeable regional sales manager, you can keep your inventory fresh just by seeing what’s in stock! Chances are you’ll want what they have. And there are no minimum orders.

See how two nationally recognized retailers use White Pine to stay relevant, compete with competition and keep an exciting product mix.


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For more information about how White Pine can help you to keep your inventory fresh, your prices competitive and your bottom line looking up, contact our main line or the White Pine sales manager in your region:


Retailer: Michael Karaman, President
Store: James Free Jewelers
Locations: Dayton and Montgomery, Ohio
White Pine Customer: Since 2013

Founded 77 years ago and known for its wide selection of designer jewelry, high quality diamonds and luxury timepieces, Ohio’s James Free Jewelers utilizes the services of White Pine on a regular basis.

Michael Karaman, president of James Free, says selection, exceptional customer service and value keep his customers coming back to his stores—the same reason why he comes back to White Pine. James Free buyers routinely purchase White Pine’s loose diamonds. And, with an inventory of 4-5,000 competitively priced GIA-graded stones available in stock every day, White Pine offers the incomparable diamond quality and selection that Karaman demands.

Karaman also loves White Pine’s designer goods, finished colored gemstone and diamond jewelry. “Suffice it to say we buy lots of things from them,” he says with a laugh. “They never let us down.”

Retailer: Peter Stavrianidis, Ph.D., GG, CGA
Store: Venus Jewelers
Location: Somerset, New Jersey
White Pine Customer: Since 2011

Peter Stavrianidis knows his stuff. Perhaps that’s putting it mildly. A Graduate Gemologist, a Certified Gemologist Appraiser, an accredited member of both the International Society of Appraisers and the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, Dr. Stavrianidis has also had the time to earn a BBA in marketing, an MBA in international marketing, and a Ph.D. in sociology—all while running this fourth-generation jewelry store in Somerset, New Jersey.

So when jewelry passes by his well-educated eyes, he knows a good deal when he sees one. And frequently, that good deal comes from White Pine. “We’ve used White Pine for the past five or six years,” he says. Working closely with his Mid-Atlantic sales representative, Frank Parisi, Dr. Stavrianidis says he’s bought a range of products, mostly diamond goods as well as color and fashion jewelry—and especially loves it when an Italian designer piece is available.

As a Certified Gemologist Appraiser, Dr. Stavrianidis may fancy an item of jewelry, but in the end, it’s the customer’s decision whether to buy or not. No worries, White Pine is always willing to go the extra mile. “If I have a customer and Frank has a piece of jewelry that might be a good fit, White Pine will even loan it to us for a few days.”


Diamond Basics
WP: $1,120

Famous Brands
WP: $2,250

WP Jewelry
WP: $12,500

Famous Brands
WP: $6,795

Diamond Fashion
WP: $5,130

Price Points
WP: $450

Diamond Fashion
WP: $1,950

Precious Color
WP: $570

Famous Brands
WP: $4,950

Famous Brands
WP: $1,200

Semi-Precious Color
WP: $1,195

Famous Brands
WP: $1,575
White Pine Trading LLC is not an authorized dealer of any featured brands. All trademarks, brands and models mentioned are the sole property of their respective trademark owners. All of the products shown no longer carry the original manufacturer’s warranty and are subject to prior sale.