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AC Zuckerman Jewelers Has Announced the Launch of Anna Zuckerman Luxury (AZL)

Anna’s all-new eponymous wholesale jewelry brand is available via e-commerce.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Anna Zuckerman, designer and owner of AC Zuckerman Jewelers in Mequon, WI, has announced the launch of Anna Zuckerman Luxury (AZL), her all-new eponymous wholesale jewelry brand, also available via e-commerce at

“Having my own jewelry store for so many years, I am in a unique position to understand both retailer and consumer needs,” says Anna Zuckerman, Founder and CEO of AZL. “I decided to create my own wholesale line because I believe every woman deserves to sparkle! I make beautiful jewelry that everyone can afford. For retail partners, my jewelry becomes a turn-key inventory that offers an incredible value proposition for their customers. Who wouldn’t want a million-dollar look for only $199?”

Anna’s industry expertise and personal values have now aligned in the AZL brand. Wielding a unique insight into both retailer and consumer needs, Anna has already secured distribution of the AZL brand in six countries in just over a year.

Born to a family of goldsmiths and fine jewelers, Anna has been in the fine jewelry industry for over twenty years, opening her Wisconsin fine jewelry store AC Zuckerman Jewelers in 1996. Running the day-to-day operation of a retail store, Anna recognized a market need for luxury jewelry designed for everyday lifestyles and budgets. Fueled by her desire to empower women from all walks of life, Anna developed a revolutionary process using nanotechnology to invent Diamond Crystalline, high grade cubic zirconia coated with microns of carbon, the primary element in a diamond. The result is exceptional sparkle that pairs the pinnacle of quality and brilliance with affordability.

The jewelry is crafted in sterling silver and assembled in the USA, with most of the designs selling for under $200. Each piece is sold with a full two-year warranty. From tiaras to tennis bracelets, the line offers a wide variety of styles across all categories of jewelry. Diamond Crystalline and lab-grown gemstones offer a wide variety of colorful styles, each designed with Anna’s unique attention to detail and her love for the extraordinary masterpieces from royal and elite private collections.

To view the collections or to learn more about Anna, visit .




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