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Accutron Expands Iconic Legacy Collection with New Strap Variations

The collection is comprised of the most standout watches originally created in the 1960’s and inspired by the design-centric and fashion-forward thinking of that time.




Accutron Expands Iconic Legacy Collection with New Strap Variations

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Showcasing its legacy as one of the most important innovators in timekeeping history, Accutron revives some of the most memorable timepieces, each a cultural and iconic touchstone, just like the brand itself. The sophisticated Accutron Legacy collection is comprised of the most standout watches originally created in the 1960’s and inspired by the design-centric and fashion-forward thinking of that time. Accutron expands this iconic collection with a new interchangeable luxury strap assortment.

Accutron unveils new luxury strap variations meant to be interchangeable across select watches within the Legacy collection. Customers can now choose from multiple colors and materials offering more versatility in terms of design and finish. Featuring only the finest of leather material from calf, alligator grain, and saddle, offered in an array of colors from white, orange, brown, green, red, charcoal, periwinkle and grey – the new straps are incorporated into nine of the existing Legacy strap models, expanding the overall collection with thirteen new styles, which include:

“521” Watch worn by the King of Rock and Roll – Unveiled in 1960, the “521” was the first and arguably the most desirable offset asymmetrical Accutron designs. Known as one of the popular “TV watches” from the brand at the time, it is no surprise that the King, whose career was launched on the iconic television series, The Ed Sullivan Show, took a liking. A watch fit for a king, the Accutron “521” was a unique standout and unlike any other watch at the time given its unique case shape. Featuring the same visually distinctive asymmetrical case design and crown placement near 3 o’clock, the new “521” retains its original 32.8 x 32.5mm case dimension for unisex wearability today. Offered with a gold-tone stainless steel case, a 3-hand silver white dial and stylized double-stick hour markers, this model is now available on either a pearlized grey or green alligator grain strap or an orange calf strap all finished with a gold buckle. Each new model is available for $1,550.

“R.R.-0” Canadian Railroad Watch – Inspired by one of the first-ever timepieces approved by North American railroad systems, the “R.R.-0” in particular showcases design attributes similar to that of a past-approved Canadian Railroad watch, first launched in 1970. Accutron produced several railroad-approved timepieces throughout the 60s-70s, but the Canadian Railroad watch was one of the most popular designs nicknamed as “zero railroad” or just “zero” because of the 0 numeral at the 12-hour mark to meet Canadian Railroad specs. The new “R.R.-0” takes inspiration from this particular timepiece featuring a 34mm uniquely faceted stainless steel railroad case with crown placement at 4 o’clock. Boasting a bright white dial with bold Arabic numerals, the watch stays true to many of the original design details including railroad hands and a red second hand for accurate monitoring. The watch is now featured on either a leather saddle strap or red alligator grain strap with silver buckle. Each is available for $1,290.

“261” nicknamed the “TV” Watch – Throughout the 60s and 70s television programming and families shifted from the dinner table to the sofa and began receiving their information from pixels versus paper. Accutron’s 261 watches represented this cultural shift as the brand designed many timepieces inspired by the space-age look of TVs at that time, with the 261 boasting a big, bold linear cushion shape with an organic exaggerated domed circle in the center.

This style showcases a 38.5mm silver-tone stainless steel case with a teal dial, sculptured and applied markers and calendar feature, now offered on a pearlized grey alligator grain strap with silver buckle. Available for $1,390.


“565” and “203” nicknamed the “Football” Watches – Both launched in 1966, the “565” and “203” watches were known for their visually distinctive asymmetrical case design that coined them their football related nicknames. The “565,” also known as the “Football Cross Hatch” watch made a statement when it was first released. Accutron incorporated the Archimedean spiral and Time Series spirals into a case design as seen in the crosshatch detail on the current bezel. Used by many period architects and interior designers, this is a prime example of Accutron’s connection to the unique American aesthetic. The “203 Football Gold Relief” watch featured the same original dial as the alpha and was often referred to as the “Football Watch” by collectors, due to the shape of the case, which is reminiscent of a football.

On the new Accutron Legacy “565” a unique cross-hatching detail was added to the already visually distinctive asymmetrical design with crown placement at 4 o’clock, and the silver-tone stainless steel 34mm case features a 3-hand silver white dial, bold hour markers and an outer minutes ring, finished now on a bright green alligator grain strap with silver buckle. Available for $1,390.

The iconic “203” design features a 34mm gold- and silver-tone stainless steel case with a 3-hand champagne dial, Arabic numerals, and fine-line stick markers on the outer ring. It is now offered on a light grey alligator grain strap with silver buckle. Available for $1,450.

Date and Day “Q” – Nicknamed “the up/down” watch because of its unique day and date apertures as well as the “flying saucer” due to its oval shape and nod to the brand’s 46 NASA space missions, including many orbiting missions in which Accutron was integral for timing requirements. The new release features a highly polished silver-tone stainless steel 34.5mm case and dark blue dial, finished with cool grey applied Roman numerals, a blue-accented day/date feature and a domed sapphire crystal with AR coating. The Date and Day “Q” is now offered on a sleek white calf strap with silver buckle to complete its celestial themed look. Available for $1,390.

“412” – A historically significant timepiece for the brand, as it is the original case design for Accutron’s iconic Spaceview, the 412 is a tried-and-true classic featuring a 34mm gold-tone stainless steel round case with the same unique bull horn lugs and crown placement at 4 o’clock. The 3-hand silver white dial boasts gold-tone applied and faceted hour markers and a domed sapphire crystal with AR coating making for a refined and elegant look. Water resistant to 30M, the 412 is now offered on either a light grey alligator grain strap or a periwinkle alligator grain strap with gold buckle. Available for $1,450.

“505” – In the 60’s Accutron unveiled its iconic asymmetrical Alpha case shape with the “505” timepiece and it became a notable watch because of the cross hairs, which divide the dial into quarters to measure time in 15-second increments. This design was the foundation for the full markings to check blood pressure and pulse throughout the medical industry. Known to be the original surgeon’s watch and for its use by nurses, the Accutron 505 became an instrumental tool throughout hospitals across the country, especially due to the brand’s unparalleled accuracy.


The new Legacy “505” is offered in two models. A silver-tone stainless steel case boasts the sleek, standout 33mm Alpha case with crown placement at 4 o’clock. Featuring a 3-hand silver white dial with silver-tone applied hour markers and domed sapphire crystal with AR coating and finished on a periwinkle alligator grain strap with silver buckle. Available for $1,390. The second features a gold-tone stainless steel 33mm Alpha case with crown placement at 4 o’clock. With a silver white dial and gold-tone applied hour markers, it is offered now on a vibrant green alligator grain strap with gold-tone buckle. Available for $1,450.

“We are excited to expand the Legacy Collection, which houses the brand’s most storied timepieces, said Jeffrey Cohen, President, Citizen Watch America. “Now our passionate collectors and watch enthusiasts can enjoy the same iconic designs with straps in vibrant colors.”

Accutron’s Swiss-made 26-jewel movement powers the Legacy collection and each case style within the collection is limited to 600 pieces no matter the strap variation.

Additionally, all eight colored straps are available for purchase separately, some offered in two sizes – short and long, for aficionados who already own a Legacy collection timepiece with a strap. The straps ship without buckle, as the buckle from the original strap can be used, and includes a spring bar tool.

Available first exclusively through Accutron’s official e-commerce platform and later at select retail partners, Accutron customers can shop some of the most storied watches from the brand in vibrant colors to accessorize their wardrobe.

To view the Legacy collection, visit here.
For more information on the brand, visit here or follow @accutronwatch.




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