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ACS 2004 6th Place: Kimberly & Co. Jewelers

Itʼs something wild when high-end meets the tropics.



Kimberly & Co. Jewelers, Lucie West, FL

OWNER: Kimberly & Co. Jewelers; ADDRESS: 1680 St. Lucie West Blvd., Ste. 102; Lucie West, FL 34986; STORE SLOGAN: “Where great celebrations begin”; OPENED: 2003; EST. PROPERTY VALUE: about $4 million; STORE AREA: 2,700 sq. ft. (excluding the tower); STAFF: 5 full-time, 1 part-time; SALES IN 2003: N/A

“NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC meets the jewelry business,” is the way third-generation jeweler David Rieger and his wife, Kimberly Johnson describe their new jewelry store, Kimberly & Co. Jewelers. Itʼs a natural outgrowth of their lifestyle and community in one of Floridaʼs rapidly growing counties. Four PGA golf courses are within a few miles and the beach is only ten miles away. It is upscale and tropical.

Both gemologists and adventurers, the partners work in the store meeting with customers. David is currently developing a new line of jewelry exclusive to Kimberly & Co. Typical customers are between 40 and 60, often intent on upgrading the diamond rings they bought 20 or 30 years ago with larger carat stones.

A Mediterranean-influenced building with a clock tower, Kimberly & Co. Jewelers has a terra cotta barrel-tile roof and is clad in cream-colored stucco, with a darker brown stucco on the clock tower and green awnings. “We wanted the outside to reflect the storeʼs interior, like a luxury cabana more than a traditional store,” says Michael.


The swaying Royal Palms outside the store are echoed in the storeʼs logo. The hand-carved palm trees, framed in bamboo, are inset into the base of the shopʼs custom-made mahogany showcases. The showcasesʼ interior cores, in macadamia and sage green, were made to specification by LA Window.

The 200 sq. ft. foyer is solid mahogany; diamond accents are stained to match the green of the palm trees on the showcases. Colors throughout the store are various shades of green, tan and brown. The walls and soffit are faux-painted to look like rich suede. A dramatically designed ceiling follows the case outline, utilizing various elevations and ceiling heights.

Customers are royally treated at Kimberly & Co. Jewelers. Glass French doors usher them into the 250-sq. ft. private viewing room. Inset into the entrance wall are bamboo cabinets where liquor is stored, a stainless steel bar fridge and two chilled wine coolers. Clients are offered cappuccino, champagne and other tipples of choice, plus hors dʼoeuvres and sweets on special occasions. Full kitchen facilities built in the back of the store cater their four major parties a year. Customers, making an extra-special purchase or who win a Motherʼs Day or other holiday drawing, win a night out on the town chauffeured in the storeʼs black Rolls Royce limousine.

To satisfy these customers, merchandise must be unusual and special.

“Fun, good times and quality product are the essence of Kimberly & Co,” Kimberly Johnson and David Rieger agree.


  • The store owner on his cool store: “The coolest thing about this new store is being able to work every day with my wife Kimberly. For Kimberly, itʼs the reaction she gets from people walking into the store for the first time and saying ʻwow, how gorgeous!ʼ.” — David Rieger. experience.”
  • DEBORAH YONICK: “Love the open French doors — very inviting! The entrance pulls you into a warm and relaxing environment. The angular ceilings and recessed lighting follows the flow of custom showcases of varying styles that create special areas of interest. The interior colors are very soft and yummy, elegant earth tones. Itʼs upscale, but with a casual tropical flair. The brand identity of this jeweler is carried throughout in a sophisticated, stylish manner. Also cool — the private viewing room, awesome built-in bar, wine cellar, fabulous parties, and Rolls Royce service for special clients. Pamper me, baby!”
  • GREG GORMAN: “Traditional with a contemporary twist. Very well done. I like the divisions of walls and rooms so the space is not one large open area but more intimate. Good use of the vertical wall opportunities but could have been carried a bit further to maximize the retail offerings. As warm, interesting and inviting, as the total store appears the jagged lines in the ceiling treatments and drops are not complementary. Too hard edged as compared to all the nice wood trims, finishes and treatments. Nice cases and a little different than the typical.”
  • LINDA CAHAN: “The palm theme really works in this space. The mix of woods is elegant and the flow of the store seems excellent based on the photos. I especially like the use of the dark green benches to tie in the tree color. The gift wrap is great. I love that they are taking on Tiffanyʼs by creating their own strong packaging identity.”
  • MARK & MONIKA CLODIUS: “Beautifully thought out, well done in all respects. Possibly walls are a little boring, compared to the rest of the store. From the layout of the store, to its packaging, to the customer service features, everything seems well thought out. We really like it!”
  • KAREN KARCH: “Location choice is clever. The store itself looks like a country club, which is great for a golf area. Offering drinks and cappuccino immediately is a great way to get people to slow down and hang out. Very full service with Rolls Royce. They must be selling some rocks!”



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