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Adele’s Luscious Diamond Ring Sparks Engagement Speculation

A large pear diamond solitaire in a simple setting is raising eyebrows.




Photo from Instagram.

EVERYONE’S FAVORITE CROONER Adele walked the 2022 Brit Awards red carpet in a stunning assortment of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds. It was the earrings – enormous, sleek, with 50+ carats of diamonds and dynamic contrasting accents of black jade – that caught my eye first, but the ring on the fourth finger of Adele’s left hand since dominated online buzz.

The ring in question is a large, luscious pear diamond solitaire in a simple setting. Adele even seemed to pose in a way that kept that hand visible, waving at the crowd with those fingers and posing with her left hand prominently on the front of her hip.

The placement and style of the ring were the first factors to raise eyebrows, but it was celebrity jewelry Instagram account @WWWJewels who noticed the next clue. Adele’s stylist, Jamie Mizrahi, posted several Instagram photos about Adele’s Brit Awards jewels, giving us close-ups of both the glorious Lorraine Schwartz earrings and the custom House of Harlow 1960 earrings that the singer wore later in the night, but the stylist never mentioned the pear diamond ring.

Was this simply an oversight, or did Adele’s stylist leave the ring out of her credits because it’s actually the singer’s own, rather than a loaner for the event? And if it is her own, why would she wear it on that finger if she didn’t want people to think she’s engaged? Adele kept the pear diamond ring on her ring finger all night, even when she changed into a gold Valentino ensemble and swapped out her earrings.

Personally, I suspect that Adele wouldn’t announce her engagement this way. Her whole music career is based on singing about her love life. If she had such a major romantic development, wouldn’t she just tell us instead of teasing us on the red carpet? But if rumor has it wrong, why hasn’t anyone from Team Adele set the record straight?

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