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After INDESIGN Win, Uneek Receives 2 More Accolades

Designer Benjamin Javaheri is on a roll.




(Press Release) LOS ANGELES, CA — Designer Benjamin Javaheri of Uneek Jewelry is on a hot streak. Just days after scooping up a 2017 INDESIGN Award for one of his Royal Blue Collection sapphire rings, he received two editorial accolades at the Luxury by JCK shows in Las Vegas.

The first one came from WeddingWire, which picked Uneek’s pear-shaped diamond three-stone ring as one of its WeddingWire Top Rock 2017 winners.INSTORE LVS620 laying down


Uneek’s pear-shaped diamond three-stone ring is a WeddingWire Top Rock 2017 winner.

The second came from the editors at The Knot, who awarded the company’s emerald-cut sapphire-center three-stone ring a The Knot Editor’s Pick 2017 badge.INSTORE LVS1016EMBS UNK LUX 2017

This emerald-cut sapphire-center three-stone ring received a The Knot Editor’s Pick 2017 badge. It was also recognized in INSTORE’s INDESIGN Awards.


These two rings are no strangers to awards and accolades. The former was named The Knot Editor’s Pick last year, and the latter was the ring that earned Javaheri his INDESIGN Award last month.

“I could get used to these ‘double whammies,’” Javaheri said. “They’re testament to the power of Uneek’s formula, which is mixing timeless style with innovative designs.”

Javaheri and team consider editorial accolades to be just as meaningful as industry and/or design awards, since these editors and publications/outlets play a significant role in influencing consumers.

“I said this before, and I will say it again: Having a piece I designed earn nods from bridal editors is just as good as any industry or design award,” he said. “And I am excited that, especially in these last couple of years, more and more editors are noticing my work! It drives me to design more original and innovative pieces and collections!”

In related news, Uneek has released its fall/winter 2017 lookbook, hot on the heels of the well-received spring/summer 2017 maiden edition.

“We got such an incredible feedback for the first lookbook — from retail partners, media partners, and consumers alike—and so we knew the follow-up had to be really, really strong,” said Angelo dela Cruz, Uneek’s director of marketing. “It was tough, because production of this sophomore book had to happen concurrently with Vegas show prep, but in the end it was worth it. You know a lookbook is successful when, more than just sitting there and being pretty, it serves as sort of like a line sheet to help buyers make effective purchasing decisions. Happy to report that our lookbook did just that at the shows!”


Featuring more than 60 styles — a combination of new one-of-a-kinds, new fashion pieces debuted at the Vegas shows, and year-round bestsellers — the lookbook can be viewed at

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