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Alrosa Presents Action Plan for Sustainability Program

The goal is to increase responsibility and transparency across the company’s diamond mining and production operations.




Alrosa Presents Action Plan for Sustainability Program

(PRESS RELEASE) Diamond miner ALROSA has developed and published a three-year Action Plan for its comprehensive 2021-2025 Sustainability Programme, aimed at increasing responsibility and transparency across its diamond mining and production operations and reinforcing consumer confidence. The Plan contains practical measures to achieve the Programme’s ambitious goals and improve ALROSA’s management and reporting systems.

In 2021, ALROSA adopted a five-year Sustainability Programme which sets out the Company’s sustainability principles and its strategic approach to sustainable development and identifies medium-term ambitions and key performance indicators.

To meet the commitments, the Company has developed a comprehensive Action Plan for the next three years. In particular, the Plan covers strategic activities such as developing sustainability KPIs for the Company’s senior management, expanding the Company’s participation in relevant international initiatives and ensuring compliance with leading responsible business standards. The Plan also contains objectives to develop strategic goals and practical measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure efficient use of natural resources, whilst adhering to industry-leading health and safety standards, focusing on human rights, anti-corruption compliance and improving the risk management framework, among many other measures.

ALROSA has appointed senior management level supervisors who will oversee the strategic areas of the Action Plan, and assigned responsible business units and deadlines.

Sergey Ivanov, ALROSA’s CEO and chairman of the Executive Committee, said: “2021 marked ALROSA’s transition to a qualitatively new level of sustainable development. We have taken a number of important steps in this regard, including establishing a Strategy and Sustainability Committee, which includes a team of international experts, under the company’s Supervisory Board, and launching the Sustainability Programme to be actioned until 2025. Having set ambitious targets for transforming our Company in accordance with responsible business principles, we have developed a set of practical measures to achieve them. I believe it is important to share this information with our stakeholders and affirm ALROSA’s intention to continuously improve its operations, whilst utilising modern technologies and best practices, and promoting leading international standards in the field of climate, environment, social responsibility, corporate governance and industry self-regulation.”

The Action Plan and the Sustainability Programme are subject to annual review and revision by the Strategy and Sustainability Committee under the Supervisory Board. The Company has also committed to disclosing the progress achieved in its annual sustainability reports.




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