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American Gem Society Announces Award Winners at Conclave




The 2017 board slate was also confirmed.

(Press Release) LAS VEGAS, NV — The American Gem Society presented a number of awards at its annual Conclave that ran April 5-8 in Hollywood, CA. All of the awards honor excellence, professionalism and a commitment to ethics and consumer protection.

At the Titleholders Luncheon on April 6, Denise Chislett, CGA, Chair of the Young Titleholder’s Steering Committee, presented the Young Titleholder Award to Anna Samsonova, CGA, Ben Bridge, for her exemplary service to the Young Titleholder Committee and to the AGS.

“Anna is the type of person that does all the work behind the scenes and doesn’t want any credit for it,” said Chislett. “She always makes our team look good and is never afraid to speak her mind. She is the one who approached past president, David Gardner, and asked if she could rejuvenate the Young Titleholders after the committee had been inactive for years.”

Also at the Titleholders Luncheon, the International Guilds Council presented three awards.

The Guild of the Year Award was presented to the Cincinnati Guild.

“When their leader, Kara Huddleston, was on maternity leave, the members of this Guild’s Board worked together like a finely tuned engine and carried on, showing amazing leadership,” said Marc Altman, CGA, Chair of the AGS International Guilds.


The Sallie Morton Award was presented to long-time AGS member Adam Graham. This award recognizes the contribution of individuals who have gone over and above in their service to the AGS Guilds each year. Sallie Morton, ECG, was very instrumental in developing and promoting the AGS National Guilds and this esteemed honor is appropriately named after her.

“As one of our first speakers, Adam traveled the country, going tirelessly to one meeting after the other, whenever we asked,” said Altman. “As busy as his life is, he never said no to us.”

The John J. Kennedy Award was presented to Detective Carol Mosher of the Los Angeles Police Department. This award was named after Kennedy as a tribute to his leadership in the Jewelry Security Alliance and for his advocacy and service to the security of the jewelry industry. The award is given to law enforcement professionals who have gone above and beyond to help members of the jewelry industry protect their stores and their teams from theft and other criminal activity.

“Detective Mosher has been one of the country’s most active task force officers dealing with jewelry crime and has arrested dozens of international criminals. Carol is an advisor to law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and is a guest speaker at many events,” said Altman.

In addition to awards given, another kind of honor was bestowed upon 18 special members of the AGS. The membership re-elected the AGS Board of Directors at the Membership Breakfast on April 8.

The Board of Directors for 2017 is as follows:


Executive Committee

President: Scott Berg, CG
President-Elect: John Carter, CGA
Secretary: Michael Richards, CG
Sr. Advisor: Georgie Gleim, CG
Treasurer: Frank Brown, RJ


AGS Laboratories Advisory Committee: Clayton Bromberg, CG

Conclave Committee: Alexis Padis, CGA

Education Committee: Lisa Bridge, CG

Finance, Audit and Legal: Frank Brown, RJ

Gemological Science Committee: Michael Richards, CG


International Guild Council: Marc Altman, CGA

Marketing Committee: Scott Udell

Membership Committee and Grievance & Review Committee: Kelly Newton, CGA


Scott Murphy

Beryl Raff

Yancy Weinrich

Ronald “Ronnie” VanderLinden

For a list of Conclave sponsors, visit



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