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America's Coolest Stores

America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed




America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed
America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed
Green Lake Jewelry Works TWO By London Diamond Vault Versani Lee Michaels
Fine Jewelry
America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed
R. Grey Gallery Idar Zoltan David Collection Moondance Jewelry Gallery Catherine Angiel
America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed

America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed


FOUNDED: 2002 | BIG COOL ENTRIES: 52 | SMALL COOL ENTRIES: 56 | BIG COOL: 6 or more full-time employees | SMALL COOL: 5 or fewer full-time employees | CRITERIA: Story, exterior, interior, marketing, website, individuality | BIG COOL JUDGES: 5 | SMALL COOL JUDGES:5

America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed

This year’s contest was the fifth time we have split the competition into two divisions: Big Cool for stores with 6 or more full-time employees; and Small Cool for stores with 5 or fewer. From a total of 108 entries, 10 finalists per category were selected by INSTORE’s editors. Panels of five industry-expert judges chose the top five stores in each division. Five Honorable Mention stores were chosen from each of the division’s finalists and will be featured as monthly Cool Stores in INSTORE through July 2013. Judges viewed the entries on a specially created website and rated stores on a scale of 0 to 100 in six categories: story, exterior appearance, interior appearance, advertising and marketing, online presence and overall individuality. Total scores were calculated weighting the categories according to importance: story 50 percent, exterior 75 percent, interior 100 percent, advertising 50 percent, online 25 percent and individuality 100 percent. Many thanks to our amazing judges and all those stores that took the time to enter!
America’s Coolest Stores 2012 Revealed


  • First Place, Big Cool: The Tiny Jewel Box
  • First Place, Small Cool: Max’s
  • Second Place, Big Cool: M.C. Ginsberg: Objects of Art
  • Second Place, Small Cool: Robert Goodman Jewelers
  • Third Place, Small Cool: Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls
  • Third Place, Big Cool: Levinson Jewelers
  • Fourth Place, Big Cool: Betteridge
  • Fourth Place, Small Cool: Kas A Designs
  • Fifth Place, Small Cool: Mahlia Collection
  • Fifth Place, Big Cool: Hamilton Jewelers


  • First Place, Big Cool: O.C. Tanner
  • First Place, Small Cool: Don Muller
  • Second Place, Big Cool: Cornell’s Jewelers
  • Second Place, Small Cool: Alara
  • Third Place, Small Cool: Churchill
  • Third Place, Big Cool: Lily & Co.
  • Fourth Place, Big Cool: Jackie Abrahams
  • Fourth Place, Small Cool: Goldworks
  • Fifth Place, Small Cool: E.E. Robbins
  • Fifth Place, Big Cool: Lee Michaels



  • First Place, Big Cool: London Jewelers
  • First Place, Small Cool: Zoltan David
  • Second Place, Big Cool: Hyde Park of Phoenix
  • Second Place, Small Cool: Patronik Designs Jewelry Gallery
  • Third Place, Big Cool: Ylang | 23
  • Third Place, Small Cool: The Green Bull Fine Jewellery Couture
  • Fourth Place, Big Cool: Diana Vincent Jewelers
  • Fourth Place, Small Cool: Spexton
  • Fifth Place, Big Cool: Manfredi Jewels
  • Fifth Place, Small Cool: Dumont Estate Jewelery


  • First Place, Big Cool: Lee Read Jewelers
  • First Place, Small Cool: Zachary’s Jewelers
  • Second Place, Big Cool: B.C. Clark Jewelers
  • Second Place, Small Cool: I. Gorman Jewelers
  • Third Place, Big Cool: Tivol
  • Third Place: Small Cool, Hamilton Hill International Designer Jewelry
  • Fourth Place, Big Cool: JB Hudson Jewelers
  • Fourth Place, Small Cool: Sami Fine Jewelry
  • Fifth Place, Big Cool: Silverscape Designs
  • Fifth Place, Small Cool: Kerry Catherine Jewelry


  • First Place: Traditional Jewelers
  • Second Place: Warner Co. Jewelers
  • Third Place: DeBoulle
  • Fourth Place: Wesche Jewelers
  • Fifth Place: Saxon’s Fine Jewelers
  • Sixth Place: J. Green Jewelers
  • Seventh Place (Tie): David Gardner’s Jewelers
  • Seventh Place (Tie): Borsheims Fine Jewelry & Gifts
  • Ninth Place: Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry
  • Tenth Place: Hamilton Jewelers



  • First Place: Underwood’s Fine Jewelers
  • Second Place: Josephs Jewelers
  • Third Place: Christopher’s Fine Jewelery
  • Fourth Place: Kimball’s Jewelers
  • Fifth Place: Long’s Jewelers
  • Sixth Place: Gunderson’s Jewelers
  • Seventh Place (Tie): Fox’s Gem Shop
  • Seventh Place (Tie): Shreve & Co.
  • Seventh Place (Tie): Simmons Fine Jewelry
  • Tenth Place: Jewelry Design Center


  • AFirst Place: Bigham Jewelers
  • Second Place: J.R. Dunn Jewelers
  • Third Place: Schwarzschild Jewelers
  • Fourth Place: I. Gorman Jewelers
  • Fifth Place: Becky Beauchine Kulka
  • Sixth Place: Hyde Park Jewelers
  • Seventh Place (Tie): Murphy Jewelers
  • Seventh Place (Tie): Harold Jaffe Jewelers
  • Seventh Place (Tie): Eve J. Alfill?
  • Tenth Place: Justice Jewelers


  • First Place: Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers
  • Second Place: Turgeon Raine Jewellers
  • Third Place: Destin Jewelers
  • Fourth Place (Tie): Gary Michaels
  • Fourth Place (Tie): Samuel Getz
  • Sixth Place: Kimberly & Co. Jewelers
  • Seventh Place: The Crystal Shoppe
  • Eighth Place: McMartin Jewelry
  • Ninth Place (Tie): Ross Simons
  • Ninth Place (Tie): Ylang-Ylang Fine Jewelry



  • First Place (Tie): Clodius & Co. and Push
  • Second Place: Kokopelli
  • Third Place: Diamonds n’ Dunes
  • Finalist: Town and Country
  • Finalist: Gemesis
  • Finalist: Camden & Co.
  • Finalist: Mark Loren Designs
  • Finalist: Molina Fine Jewelry
  • Finalist: Rafinity


  • First Place: Decatur City Jewelers
  • Second Place: Continental Diamond
  • Third Place: Wanna Buy A Watch?
  • Finalist: Legend Jewelers
  • Finalist: Mignon Faget
  • Finalist: T. Foster & Co.
  • Finalist: The Collector Fine Jewelry
  • Finalist: Judith Ripka
  • Finalist: The deBoulle Salon
  • Finalist: Jared

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Wilkerson Testimonials

If It’s Time to Consolidate, It’s Time to Call Wilkerson

When Tom Moses decided to close one of the two Moses Jewelers stores in western Pennsylvania, it was time to call in the experts. After reviewing two candidates, Moses, a co-owner of the 72 year-old business, decided to go with Wilkerson. The sale went better than expected. Concerned about running it during the pandemic, Moses says it might have helped the sale. “People wanted to get out, so there was pent-up demand,” he says. “Folks were not traveling so there was disposable income, and we don’t recall a single client commenting to us, feeling uncomfortable. It was busy in here!” And perhaps most importantly, Wilkerson was easy to deal with, he says, and Susan, their personal Wilkerson consultant, was knowledgeable, organized and “really good.” Now, the company can focus on their remaining location — without the hassle of carrying over merchandise that either wouldn’t fit or hadn’t sold. “The decision to hire Wilkerson was a good one,” says Moses.

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