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Gem Quiz

And the Answer to May’s Gem Quiz Was …

And congratulations to the winner.




And the Answer to May’s Gem Quiz Was …

UNTIL THE MAY Gem Quiz, about the only Swahili phrase we knew at INSTORE was “hakuna matata” (thanks to numerous viewings of The Lion King). To that we’ve now added “Malaia” or “Malaya”, although given it’s on the derogatory side, it’s probably not going to be that useful. But let’s put that aside and celebrate the beautiful reddish/orange garnet that carries that name — and also the triumph of Trish Carruth from Your Personal Jeweler in Royal Oak, MI, who correctly surmised the identity of our May mystery stone. Well done, Trish, who scores this month’s Gem Quiz t-shirt. Well done also to all our Honorable Mentions, who submitted correct answers. Hakuna matata!!!

Honorable Mentions

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs Fine Jewelry & Custom Design
Plymouth, MN

Derrick Allen
SJ Jewelers
Rochester, MN

Lara Bergseth
Victoria, BC, Canada

Missy Bowra
Hauser’s Jewelers
Newport News, VA

Greg Brooks
Benchmark Jewelers
Leavenworth, WA

Diane Cooper
Cooper Fine Jewelers
Texarkana, TX

Paige Gerhart
The Jewelers Vault
York, NE

Steve Glazer
Bob Richards Jewelers
Germantown, TN

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

Marcy Higashi
Louis Anthony Jewelers
Pittsburgh, PA

Walter Lang
Ellis Jewelers
North Little Rock, AR

Cindy Lanoux
Pattons Fine Jewelry
Baton Rouge, LA

Todd McGuire
Dixon Jewellers
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Lynne Millard
Henley Jewelers
Eldon, MO

Mandy Mott
Greenleaf & Crosby
Palm Beach, FL

Emily Palone
Blue Heron Jewelry
Poulsbo, WA

Jennifer Sabrio
Pattons Fine Jewelry
Baton Rouge, LA

Irene Schrowang
Schneiders Jewelers
Kingston, NY

Richard Schwartz
Richard Hart Goldsmith
Florence, OR

Kate Shay
Scott & Co Fine Jewelers
New Oxford, PA

Jennifer Sullivan
Goodman’s Jewelers
Madison, WI

Joshua Summers
Orin Jewelers
Northville, MI


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